Bicimapas Baja Expeditioner GPS Map 2007-??'s

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    Howdy Gang,
    I was bouncing around the bicimapas website as I'm looking to buy some of their stuff in the near future so I can start working on routes to/from Copper Canyon for the HU meeting in Oct.

    I saw the blurb on the Baja Expeditioner GPS Map 2007 version and it said it does autorouting. Anyone tried the autorouting feature out and have a comment?? I'm hopeful the autorouting will work along major dirt roads also (like Mexico route 5 south of San Felipe or from Loreto through San Javier toward Ciudad Insurgentes, etc. to give examples of what I'd term "major").

    Additionally, I saw that the company is working on a version with autorouting for mainland Mexico called Mexico Atlas Topo 2007 Edition. I emailed Alberto at Bicimapas and he responded back that program is in final testing and is scheduled to be available next week. I'll probably wait until it is available before plopping down my $$$$.
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    call touratech in seattle, i was down there today and we were talking about this very thing... no claims that baja expeditioner map does autorouting but they thought it might.. i just bought it so i'm hoping it does... give them a call. talk to ray

    good luck.