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bike repair gone PITA

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Truckin_Thumper, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Truckin_Thumper

    Truckin_Thumper low profile

    Jun 28, 2007
    SO for my 38th birthday I spent it putting this back togeather.

    I needed new tires, so I ordered a pair of Duro's in late June.
    I was on my way to get them when dumb cager makes the infamous left trurn.
    Bent bars, one slightly bent right fork, 1 broken spoke, 2-3 bent ones.

    I picked up the Tires this week, along with new bars, a smaller front sproket, new grips, new tubes (and one extra set), two new tire irons. Ordered a new spoke set, ebay'd a new set of forks, they have not arrived yet.

    7:30 am and I got all my goodies laid out ready to get something done.
    Start with the tires. 30 minutes they were done.
    On to the bars and grips, an hour or so all was in working order.
    30 minutes more the sproket was completed.
    Instead of pumping the tires up with a bicycle pump, I run them up to the C-store, 150 later they are full..... TOO FULL! I geuss my tire gauge fell out somewhere, 'cause I had nothing but the gauge on the 75 cent compressor.
    It sucked, by the time I got home (2 blocks) tires were flat... @#(@*$& #($*#($* #($*#($* !!!!!!.
    Good thing I got an extra set of tubes.. I installed them...

    On to the forks, one was already off, so I changed the oil in it, and set it in the tree. Other fork, removed and oil change.

    It was a nice day, about 70 degrees, overcast... humm. well ride (pedal bike) to the NAPA and get a tire gauge ( 2 blocks away). Found a foot pump while browsing around... hummmm we'll try that.

    I start back up turning wrenches with the back tire and do the chain adjust.
    Lets try out the new foot pump I got.... 12 lbs later the fucking thing falls apart in about 6 pieces!! I kid you not, turns itself inside out :rofl.
    Back to the hand pump. Pump up the rear tire and installed it on the bike.
    Off to the front. pumped it up and started on the install.
    Bent for is turned with the bend to the outside. It is only slightly bent, so I will put it on so I can haul the bike to Yuma ( I have to be there on Thurs).
    The forks I got off ebay are in Phoenix, so I'd figure I'd pick them up.
    I usually have a day or two off in Yuma, and would make for some nice dirt riding.
    so I had to ratchet the forks togeather in order for the axle to get a bite.
    it is now 3 pm and I am done.. check everything over, four times.....
    The passenger foot peg was bent , I thought I had straighted it out , NOPE, its hitting the top of the swing arm, off they both go.
    ok, everything is done, one more check......

    Front tire is mounted back-erds, geez, Ima dumbass...
    I rode it around the block just for giggles.
    Bike pulls a little to the left, I'll be glad when I get to AZ!

    This morning I will go turn the tire around, re-adjust the new bars, and maybe take it to a dirt spot somewhere (weather permitting) to see if everythig works fine...

    What a fun birthday ( enter sacastic face here)..
  2. 4SEVEN3

    4SEVEN3 Been here awhile

    Jul 14, 2003
    Whitsett, NC
    At least you got it back together and ride a little............I suppose there could be worse ways to spend a burfday!

    Happy Burfday:freaky
  3. Truckin_Thumper

    Truckin_Thumper low profile

    Jun 28, 2007
    ok, front tire on correctly :rofl

    bars adjusted

    shower to get the stink outta my pits and I am going to get dirty!!

    oh, forgot to add, when I put the fuel tank back on, I guess I broke the head.
    Grabbed the tank to move bike and it about fell off :D
    removed the stud with nothing more than a "FUCK YOU" and a twist of the finger. Found a bolt that worked in the "misc. screws and shit" coffe can ?plastic bucket thingy

    I am gonna go ridin', bent fork and all :clap