Black Friday 2018 deals?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by AdamChandler, Nov 15, 2018.

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    I know it's been a couple of weeks but I caught a bug that's been going around, and yesterday is the first time I was able to test out the Schuberth C4.

    Fantastic helmet. I cannot see myself ever buying another brand. It fits me perfectly, it is by far the quietest helmet I've ever had, it is comfortable, it has an excellent field of view, the visors (clear and the drop-down tinted) are optically perfect, and the venting is excellent. On the venting...the top vent seems to flow more air if my posture is good and I have my chin just slightly down. It seems to deal well with buffeting...I intentionally followed a box truck on the highway yesterday, putting myself at a distance where the buffeting is worst, and it was noticeable, but not bad...normally I would either get in tight behind a box truck or hang way back to avoid the buffeting.

    I'm very happy with the Schuberth C4.
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    Might be worth a bump to someone....


    15% off SU Side Racks
    20% off Happy Trails Panniers
    15% off Aluminum Top Boxes
    15% off Happy Trails PD Nerf Engine Guards
    40% off Happy Trails Aluminum Pannier Kits

    Pannier Giveaway
    Send an Email to Support@Happy-Trail.Com
    With 1312019 in the subject line to enter.
    Winner will be selected January 31st 2019.
    If you buy a Pannier Kit in January 2019 before the drawing
    we will refund your purchase price.
    This is for any Happy Trails Aluminum Pannier Kit listed on our website.
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    I saw that email this morning too. 40% off is a great price!
    I have Happy Trail pannier racks on my AT (and had then on my 2 bikes previous, plus have had their NERF crash bars, highway pegs, skid plate etc.) and panniers and both of their top plates. Great quality products. I've been using a pair of cascade panniers (in hindsight the denali cliff cut ones I would prefer) for about 10 years now and they have been through hell. They have to be the toughest hard panniers that you can buy and have been 100% waterproof. Get them powdercoated.
    I don't like their crash bars much. I didn't get them or the skid plate on the AT.

    I can't say great things about the happy trail customer service. But the quality is top notch.