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    Is it cold and wet outside? Got the gasoline stabilizer in the tank and the battery on trickle charge? Is your bike covered up and put away for the winter? Get one more ride in this season while enjoying the pleasure of a very special party straight from Germany!

    Announcing the Gearhead DVDs post holiday sale - one month only! - free shipping and handling for all domestic orders of "The Ultimate Biker Party: The 80th Anniversary of BMW Motorcycles" DVD.

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    The DVD includes; the 60 minute main program focusing on the festial, and three DVD extras - interviews with David Robb, Fred Jakobs, Jean Pierre Goy.

    Here's What Others Are Saying About The Ultimate Biker Party DVD

    Greg Chambers, CRBMW Librarian, says, "Who says the Germans can’t throw a party? A new video entitled The Ultimate Biker Party: 80th Anniversary of BMW Motorcycles has been added to our library. Produced by GearheadDVDs, the disk beautifully chronicles the 2003 BMW Motorad held in the Bavarian Alps during the weekend of July 4,5 and 6. Although the Motorad is an annual event held on the first weekend in July, this one was special.

    In 2003 BMW motorcycles celebrated its proud 80 year heritage with a huge birthday bash for 30,000 enthusiasts.Through interviews, historic footage and on-site reportage the disk entertainingly documents this unique event. Bonus features include extended interviews with David Robb (BMW Chief Designer),Fred Jakobs (Head BMW Historian) and Jean Pierre Goy (world famous BMW stunt exhibitionist).

    Many colorful characters (Philippe Gutil of Nordingan, Germany being my favorite) are interviewed and share their impressions during the course of the long weekend. It certainly appeared that everyone had a wonderful time – most saying that they were planning on returning next year.

    The added historical racing footage, beautiful shots of vintage bikes and the David Jakob interview lends an air of historic significance to the disk. I especially enjoyed the extended interview with David Robb.

    David, with his team of cutting-edge designers, has arguably made the most significant contributions to the current resurgence of popularity of BMW motorcycles. He is not often available for interviews and his inclusion on this disk underscores the significance of this anniversary.

    The disk was crafted with superb production values – the video quality, sound and cut scenes were first-rate. Even the cover sleeve was carefully designed. These folks are obviously BMW fanatics and are passionate about sharing the “BMW Experience”.

    Rick Korchak of webBikeWorld says, "The videography is excellent and nicely edited -- it makes you feel like you were really there!..." [Rick gave the DVD four flaming helmets out of four!]

    Draco, a member of the BMW SportTouring website says, "It made me want to go there!"

    Ian48, another member of the BMW SportTouring website, says "“I remember the German guy more than anything else... What ever the guy's country of origin, his loyalty to the brand was evident. He evidently had a good time as I'm sure most did. How could you not in such a nice place? The one thing I did notice that maybe I wasn't paying attention to in Squaw Valley was the number of couples. That was surprising to me as well.”

    Jesper,, says, "I have received the DVDs. Very nice, I really liked the interview section - especially with the

    Jose Ortiz, a first time BMW rider, says, “As a first time rider, ever, it brings a great sense of pride into the ownership of a BMW motorcycle. I'm new to motorcycling, and chose to step into the ring with the best. I'm glad I did”