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    Welcome to the index that aims to keep a tab on the best information relating to the BMW F650, F700, F800GS & F800GSA Twins. Here's how it works:

    If you want to nominate a thread or a link, PM me and if I agree that it should be included, I'll link it. If you don't like my decision, well, try harder to convince me next time.

    Posts, threads or sites linked in the last month or so are marked as

    Once linked, please try to keep off-topic questions and general banter out of these threads. Thanks.

    F800GS ... Touring Screens. You got one? Let's see 'um!
    Desierto 3 Fairing for F800GS, whose got one? inc. Install
    Low cost, high quality alternative to Desierto III...

    F800GS seat project ... dishin it out! & :thumbup Another crack at modding the stock seat
    The F800GS Seat
    BMW Comfort Corbin Renazco Russell Sargent Sargent Enduro Touratech

    Other Ergonomics: Pegs, Handlebars, Risers & Grips
    BMW F800GS Ergos and Adjustments-- Fastway Footpegs & Touratech bar risers, etc
    F800GS Rox Riser Install & :evil New Rox Risers for F800GS / F650GS with ABS
    Cure for BMW 800GS skinny grips
    F800GS with 30" inseam?
    Aftermarket foot pegs

    F650GS (Twin) suspension question
    F800GS Lowered Suspension
    F800GS Bitubo Fork Kit inc. Bitubo cartridge install video
    F800GS Ralle-Moto shock brace and Hyperpro spring installed & F800gs and Hyperpro review
    F800GS Fork conversion??? & F800GS - RXV Shiver'ed Fork Conversion

    Fork seal replacement
    F800 head-set bearing how to

    Hard Luggage: Panniers & Top Boxes
    F800GS Pannier Design Considerations inc. Pictures of all options
    F800GS Metal Mule Panniers
    F800GS/F650GS Micatech cases coming soon!
    F800GS top cases
    :evil Carbon/Kevlar rear luggage boxes.....It has begun....

    Soft Luggage: Tank Bags & Tail Packs
    F800GS Tank Bags ... Got one you like? Tell us about it!
    BMW F800GS & F650GS (twin) Moto-Sport Panniers Luggage
    Giant Loop Moto "Great Basin" Bag for Beasts (on a F800GS)
    800GS Tail bags - What're you using?
    :evil Bags on crashbars?
    Which luggage rack should I buy

    Hard Part Protection: Bash Plates, Crash Bars & Hand Guards
    Crash bars on your F650 / F800 inc. ADV member crash "tests" of Adventure-Spec and Givi bars
    What hand guards work on BMW GS800?
    F800GS Handguards? You got them? Let's see them! Pics please!
    Compendium of Skidplate Options

    Powertrain: Engines, Throttles, Clutches, Gears, Sprockets & Chains
    F650GS Gearing
    F800GS 15 Tooth CS Impressions & Questions
    :evil 800GS Blown Clutch Replacement Surgery - DIY
    Rekluse Auto Clutch for F800GS
    F800GS Valve Adjusting step by step.
    Throttle fix options: Throttle Tamer, Accelerator Module & Power Controller
    D.I.Y. Cam Chain Replacement
    F800GS - Chain thread
    :evil Dynojet PC-5, with Autotune, and full exh. system Tune...

    F800GS front brake rotors
    F 800 GS Brake Pads
    F800GS with ABS or not?
    F800GS Seized rear caliper and aftermarket seals
    Front caliper guide bolts

    Cooling & Exhaust System: Radiators, Cats & Mufflers
    F800GS Air Filters
    F800GS Exhaust Pipes
    How to break an F800GS radiator
    800GS Charcoal Canister

    Wheels: Rims, Spokes, Tubes, Tires & Tyres
    The 800GS Tire Thread (Oh, no you didn't!) inc. BMW recommendations
    F800GS Tubeless
    Tires for the F800gs .. who sells them and what do they look like!!!
    New Wheels
    TKC80 Heidenau Karoo 3 Kenda Mitas

    F800GS - show us your lights
    F800GS Driving Lights inc. Xenon lights installation - F800GS
    :D Hid install .....With pictures......

    Batteries & Horns
    F800GS CANBUS Stebel Quandry & F650/800 New Horn
    Replacement batteries for F800GS & F658GS
    What kind of battery for adventuring, is Lithium up to the challenge?
    Battery recommendation

    Other Electrical
    F800GS/F650GS Electrical System Capabilities
    New 800GS owner with (electrical) questions
    BMW F650GS/F800GS What's On-Board Computer Add?
    How to replace ews antenna
    F800GS/650GS: Source for switched power for power farkles?
    F800GS / F650GS Twin Ignition Panel Powerlet Socket Installation
    zumo 550 hard wire....

    Fuel, Economy & Additional Fuel Options
    F800GS Gas Mileage: What Ya Gettin'?
    F800GS/F650GS Tank Conversion
    ADV tank installation on F650GS / F800GS for extended range
    Remapping the 800GS to run on regular pump gas
    F800GS Filler Neck - removal?
    Camel Tank- F650/700/800GS
    Carrying extra fuel

    Miscellaneous Adaptations, Add-ons, Farkles and Bling
    Got a GPS on your F800GS? Let's see it!
    F800GS Steering Dampener
    Ralle-Moto Steering Damper F800 GS
    F800GS Urine sample replaced w/ Rizoma
    F800GS High Fender "How-to"
    :evil How to wrap your F800GS in Carbon Fiber......
    Custom snub nose F800GS
    Inexpensive Folding Shift lever
    Dash back plate the way BMW would have wanted it to look...

    Trip Preparation
    BMW F800GS Q&A
    Adventurizing my F800GS
    Recommendation for spare parts to carry on long distance, remote-location trip
    RTW Prepping the F800GS Build Report
    Prepping the F800GS for Around The World trip

    Maintenance: Servicing & Tools
    F800GS 600 Mile Service Questions
    F800GS - Can I maintain it myself? inc. Torque Values
    F800GS Toolkit Needs inc. most recent recommendation

    F800GS Service Schedule
    BMW F800GS & F650GS Recalls
    F800GS synthetic oil?
    Shim under bucket
    Lubin' Yer Balls (DIY 800GS Wheel Bearing Service)

    Trouble-shooting You may have to "swim some sea to find the pearls" in this section but if you do find a single post that you find useful, let me know and I'll link it

    Gas Computer
    Oil Leak
    Fork Clack & perhaps more accurately
    Rear Shock Bolt
    Wheel Bearing
    Kick Stand
    Power failure
    Cracked Fuel Tank
    Fuel Injection
    Alternator & again
    General & again!

    The "658" & the "700" Threads specifically relating to the F650GS or F700GS Twin

    My new 2008 F650GS (twin) is here!
    F650GS twin aftermarket windshield
    F650GS (twin) spoke wheels
    Suz VStrom 650 vs BMW F650GS
    Worth the price to beef up a 650 twin?
    :wink: Summer '09 - Venezuela to Minnestoa
    Will Ride for Beer
    Blonde Dutch Chick goes Long Way East: Mongolia!!!
    The Great Gallivant - Video blogging as I ride solo round the world...
    Quit our jobs, sold our home, gone riding...
    A Little Bigger Bike to Alaska 2017 (prep and planning)

    The Big Adventure!
    :D New F800GS ADVENTURE!!!
    2014 f800GSA problem solver thread
    BMW 800GSA vs KTM 1190 Adventure S

    New 2018 750/850GS merged threadfest

    Comparisons Thinking of changing to an F650/800GS from another bike? Got a shortlist that includes an F650GS or F800GS and can't decide? Here are other people's experiences and opinion. Your mileage may vary, of course
    F650GS Dakar & again!


    KLR and again!
    950/990 Adventure & again & again!
    660 Tenere
    Africa Twin & Again (clicking on the second link will take you out of the Parallel Universe, to the Land of the Rising Sun; you have been warned!)

    Books, dvd, online features and other media
    MVRTV BMW F800GS Video Test
    Globeriders BMW F800GS Instructional dvd
    Haynes manual has been released!
    BMW workshop dvd on a mac

    The "Rest-of-the-Best" and the "Best-of-the-Rest"
    Parallel twins - F800/650GS (merged) threadfest
    Only F800/650GS pics
    F800GS in Australia
    F800GS or F650GS Vids
    New Owners - Stupid Questions Thread
    An 800's Rebirth/The build of MechanicO
    My build thread - a winter's tale

    Useful non-F650/800GS-specific information
    Neduro's Tire Changing Class
    The Toolkit Thread
    Neduro's Spring Bike Maintenance and Setup Guide
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    The Hot Sauce We don't have the thread star-rating anymore so content here is more open to editorial decision. If you know of a great ride report that you think others here would enjoy, let me know and I'll link it.
    BMW GS Trophy in Tunisia

    :evil A Roadie in Motion - Chitown's Adventure's
    Lewis & Clark, Again - 2009
    The Ultimate 2300 Mile 12 Day Big Duelie Ride Thru VT, NH, ME & NB Canada In The Fall
    Breakin in the F8 in Baja
    Russian Off-Road Challenge 2010
    Terranova Expedition (round the world...)
    Video Ride Report: Arctic Challenge 990 Adv, R1200GSA & F800GS vs. The Dempster
    Zambian Joyride
    Pair of F8GSes: To Inuvik, Chicken - AK, Salmon Glacier, Vancouver Island
    The Adirondacks and Beyond
    :wink: Weigh from the Conch Republic
    Gone, Again... ( Random Adventures in Oz )
    Bosnia and Montenegro Re-Revisited; Gravel Edition
    Tour d'Afrique - and then some
    :thumbup Canada to Argentina 2010 on F800GSs
    Winter in Finland
    25,000 miles with Luke and Nick
    :thumbup Forever West; Featuring The Best Of The West On Big Trailies
    A Solo Flatlander Rides to Colorado With An F800GS to Find Some Snow!
    Transcontinental Railroad & Pony Express (NV & UT)
    Rideforsmiles, Solo Australian to Africa Europe and Beyond, starting June 26th 2011
    BigDog/HighFive--Fall Colors In Missouri
    Mt. Washington Auto Road...
    Take The Wrong Way Home
    Riding through North East Europe(with a side trip to Venice) in September
    It's What Men Do
    3.5 months to Machu Picchu - Or where ever the ride takes me
    Route des Grandes Alpes en Moto
    Following the 45th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000
    Edelweiss South Africa Tour - 2012
    Alps 2013
    Exploring the Fjords of Norway
    Radioman Rides the W threadorld.......
    Siberia 2013 - From Irkutsk to Altai via Tuva and back via Mongolia
    An Icelandic Saga
    Mongolian entree with a Russian side dish. (2 x F800GS, 15000km, 25 days)
    A Polish girl's view of the world from the back of a motorcycle
    Trouble in Bosnia i Hercegovina (Fixed)
    4D's BIG RIDE
    Exploring Australia - Where the hell am I?
    Brisbane to Brisbane - Outback Down & Around......
    Trans-Lab: Alone? At your age?
    The LAST Trans-Labrador ride report EVER!!!
    Central Asia - Pamir, via Bartang valley, 2014
    Going Living. Picking up where I left off. South America ride
    Solo'n from Texas to Prudhoe Bay and back...
    Dancing in Irkutsk

    Castles & Haggis & Rain: A Circle of Scotland
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    External Links Please note when clicking on some of these links you are leaving the ADVrider site. ADVrider does not endorse these sites nor holds any responsibility once you have clicked on the link. Proceed at your own caution.

    BMW Downloads for F650GS & F800GS

    Parts Fiche

    The following are commercial sites with dedicated F700/800GS merchandise or threads from the Vendors forum. Where a merchant has a separate page for different models, the F800GS page is linked. A little searching should take you to pages for the F700GS or F800GSA:
    Adventure Designs US

    Adventure-Spec UK
    Best Rest Products US
    Black Dog Cycle Works US
    Britannia Composites - CAN
    Caribou Cases US
    Corbin Seats US
    F800Depot US
    Happy Trail US
    Hornig DE
    Jesse Panniers US
    Kildala2000 CAN
    Madstad Engineering US
    Motorcycle Overland Development CAN
    Motorrad Garage AU
    Nippy Normans UK

    Nomad-ADV EU
    Racetech US
    Rainbow Motors UK
    Rugged Roads UK
    Sergent Seats US
    Touratech DE
    Touratech UK
    Touratech US
    Trailground HU
    Twisted Throttle US
    Mark Vernact Accelerator Module
    [email protected] ZA
    Wolfman Luggage US
    Wuka King Power Controller
    Wunderlich UK

    Wunderlich US

    The following are sites with a dedicated F650/800GS forum:
    BMW F800GS & F650GS Twin (French)
    F800Forum (German)

    Foro F800GS (Spanish)
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    Excllent well done that man :thumb looks good to me and thanks for taking the time.
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    You the man!
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    is there anything you can do with the administrator to keep this thread at the top of the list without people having to post to it????
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    thought i'd give this a bump and see if we could keep it goin
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    Somehow I think the Admins can make it "sticky" so it will always be at the top....
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    It's a necessity...:patch
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    Thanks :thumb and YES make it sticky.

    BTW, where are the mods? Shouldn't they be doing this?
    Nevermind, they're too busy merging.
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    Guys guys, guys.... They need a little time. Hang cool. :thumb
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    I also vote sticky!!!
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    Still no Sticky so: Bump
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    Ease up on the sticky, I bet they're testing out the new pages for the 800/650 twin section of their own. Better to have our own section under Bikes as opposed to a sticky in Beasts. :freaky
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    Could we add a link to the pictures thread? It seems to be a good ongoing thread and its good for seeing what others are doing with their beauties, whadya think :ear
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    What we need is for one of the Mods to Sticky a thread like what was done in Thumpers, which has LINKS to any "Index" threads :nod

    Currently there is this F650/800gs index thread & a Wee Strom index is in the works :hide

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    Since there hasn't been a deluge of (complementary) copy-cat thread indexes, this will be re-stickied for a while.

    If bike indexes become all the rage, we'll go back to a Hall of Wisdom/master index format.

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    Im pretty stoked about the twin thread. Also tinkled pink about my first farkle for my first three day adventure. TomTom rider.
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    OMG! We've been promoted, :stfu

    This is one of the best bikes I have owned and I'm proud to be part of the group. Don't let the badge be something that people stereotype you by. I'm proud but not stupid!