BMW R1200GS/GSA rear mudguard stainless steel holder

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    One advantage of working on bikes and producing parts is that I get to see which ones fail sooner/prematurely.

    For the R1200 GS and GS Adventure bikes, the rear plastic mudguard tends to break and get lost, because of BMW part # 46627671618, hence the replacement I make.

    These are pretty weak in OEM shape and the base plate just breaks in half, and from there, it's just a matter of time till you drop the mudguard, never to be seen again.

    The ones I make(myself) come out way stronger:
    • 3 mm laser cut base plate
    • stronger bushing body
    • TIG welded together
    • all in stainless steel
    Don't wait till yours gets lost, replace and upgrade today and forget about it. It would be a shame to lose a 125$+ mudguard, reinforce it with a serious holder!

    The price is 38$/piece, you need one per bike, shipping included worldwide !
    Orders can come trough HERE





    upload_2020-10-13_23-0-57.png upload_2020-10-13_23-0-34.png upload_2020-10-13_23-0-34.png upload_2020-10-13_23-0-57.png
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