BMW R75/5 project bike parts. $600 for all this!

Discussion in 'Parts' started by Dark Helmet, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Nov 22, 2006
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    Skid plate and Transmission sold. All the rest for $600!!

    Parting out an ISDT project bike based on R75/5 motor/transmission and FD. Picture below has the parts and description has each item and price. Located in Atlanta GA. If you see an item without a price please ask. Shipping paid by the buyer.

    - Engine block with connecting rods. I was told the engine has 27k miles on it. $500
    - Carburetors, in good shape 64/32/357 64/32/358. $275
    - 4 speed transmission. Hand shifts smoothly, was told it also has ~ 27k miles, but don't believe they are from same bike. $350
    - Final Drive, $300
    - Modified frame to increase travel to 7" using the Works Performance shocks or similar length. Also has foot pegs positioned differently for dirt. Will include the serrated pegs. $150
    - Swingarm with drive shaft. Swingarm slightly bent after I accidentally released hydraulic jack and the bike came down slowly onto the lift. I have been told they are easy to straighten. $150
    - Shocks, rebuilt works performance set up for 200# rider. $200
    - SOLD: Very cool new oil pan extension to allow extra oil capacity with aluminum skid plate. All hardware. $175
    - Three coils, $100 for all three
    - Seat, SWB solo seat. PO welded clamps on. $100
    - Both heads have cracked bosses where the valve cover bolts pass through the head, need welded and ground. I was told the engine has 27k miles on it. $75 each
    - Barrels with pistons, $180 each
    - Plastics (fenders with rear tail light, headlight with number plate, tank (one petcock is broken) $150
    - Rear Wheel $200
    - Starter, $50
    - Air box covers, $50 each
    - Works Performance air/spring shocks Set up for 200# rider, rebuilt. $200
    - Suzuki DR forks with brake caliper and brake line/master cylinder. $135


    Reach out with questions. Thanks for looking!
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