BMW Venting Review (2015+ model)

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    I’ve been cycling through gear looking for a comfy summer suit for the VA heat, and came across the newest Venting suit - which was released in blue in 2015, and appears unchanged except for the switch to grey as a color and removal of the stock back protector to current. What caught my eye, besides the subdued styling, was the use of “Cordura mesh” as a material. Since the only Cordura mesh I was aware of was the “AFT” used extensively by Rukka and a couple other companies, I was quite curious - since the BMW suit was cheaper and more casual looking. Couldn’t find any detailed reviews, so ordered one on a whim figuring I can always return.

    Well, got mine in today (the blue model is available in a couple sizes via Bob’s BMW for an incredible deal) and my suspicions were correct. This is a lovely jacket made almost entirely of Cordura AFT, with some strips and accents of Cordura denim, and a Cordura AFT stretch material at the sides. In my opinion, this is a compelling alternative to a jacket like the Rukka AirAll - it has a casual denim jacket-Esque appearance, and possibly nicer detailing then even the Rukka, at a lower cost. Protectors are the SasTec NPL, CE1 and temp stable.

    All zips are YKK, double stitching throughout with triple stitching in critical areas. Unlike the Rukka jackets, 3D spacer mesh is used over the back protector to promote airflow along your back, and even for the cellphone pocket at the front - so your phone doesn’t get all sweaty. Impact areas have double layers of Cordura AFT, but it’s sewn on the inside of the jacket so it doesn’t look out of place. Airflow is basically mesh levels throughout the jacket. I will note it fits slim, I generally take a 52EU in BMW gear and a 54 is a bit tight at the upper chest in this.

    For the latest model, I believe BMW has had the entire jacket/pants tested to meet the latest CE cert required to sell items as protective motorcycle apparel in Europe; however I’m not sure to what level it came out. IF anybody is aware, please let me know - to my knowledge this represents the first time Cordura AFT has been tested.

    Here’s some pics:

    Yes, those little upper pockets are real

    Elbow armor and 3D mesh

    Side stretch material

    Back protector & you can just see the 3dmesh lined cell pocket to the left

    Rough idea of color in sun
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