BMW's new Airflow 3 Boots vs. the Airflow 2's

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by RichinTampa, May 19, 2010.

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    Posted this on the website. I thought it would be valuable here too. My take on the BMW Airflow 2 vs. the BMW Airflow 3 boots:
    1. The Airflow 2 boots are a bit lighter and cooler.
    2. The 2's have a lousy heel that wears out in no time. Since the heel is hollow, this can be a big problem (it was for me.) The 2's are also more flexible, which is o.k. for a walking boot but not as protective for a motorcycle boot.
    3. The Airflow 3's are more substantial. The heel is more prominent now and should last a whole lot longer. Also, the 3's are an inch taller providing more protection. The toebox is much more solid than the toebox on the 2's. The protection offered on the 3's is very close to that found on my heavier Sidi and Alpinestar boots.
    4. Fit and comfort appear to be the same for both models. The price remains about the same for both...$229 (but you may get a discount at your dealer...I did.)
    BMW may have responded to consumer feedback on these boots (is that possible?) Give us an "airboot" that provides a cooling airflow but retains the protection and durability of my other motorcycle boots. These boots seem to succeed in doing just that.

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    I have been thinking of picking up a pair of those. I wear my Sidi Way Rain boots everywhere, and though they are comfortable, I am thinking I want something that breaths better for the really hot muggy days. Will have to check them out next time I am at my dealers.
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    BM Airflow 3 boots:

    I've had my BMW Airflow 3 boots now for about 4 months and have put in about 5k miles of riding with them. I've ridden several times in the desert areas with them and they do flow a considerable amount of air that keeps your feet from getting sweaty. I went with the BMW boots because I expected a quality product, as I have had very nice jackets and pants from this brand in the past. HOWEVER, these boots are just average and are not worth the big money they ask for them.

    PROS: 1. Not bad looking 2. Length of the boot seems to be the same as other size 48 boots I have worn. 3. Front shin protectors and ankle armor seem sturdy. 4. Fairly large reflector patches on the heels. 5. As mentioned above, a built-up walking heel, but it is only good for hanging your heel on the pegs of your bike, (see #6 below).

    CONS: 1. Expensive 2. Narrow, Euro-style fit. 3. A really cheap insole, that bunches up when you walk. You'll need to replace these right away. 4. Cheesy, plastic left toe shifter pad is already wearing down from my stock KTM shift lever. 5. Very little arch support built into the boot; if you want these for walking around your destination, be sure to replace the aforementioned, cheap insoles with running shoe type insoles for support. 6. Weird, narrow, Euro-style, walking heel. While it is built up from last year's model the heel is narrow and if you over-pronate, like me, sometimes I feel like I'm going to twist my ankle in these boots.

    JMTC, YMMV. RIDE safe!
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    Might want to try the TCX Airtech with Gore Tex............. Great boot with excellent reviews.