Bolivia: Uyuni - Laguna Verde, exit question

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by crashmaster, Sep 13, 2010.

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    Hopefully I'm not beating a dead horse with my questions....

    I hear that the Salt Flats are flooded as of early December this year. Supposedly due to la nina. I desperately want to visit this area of Bolivia, but I'm not willing to take my bike on flooded salt flats.

    If I go to Uyuni, I can take a 4x4 north of Uyuni on to the salt flats, yes?

    If there is extensive flooding, will I still be able to follow the roads south of Uyuni to either Ollague and exit to Chile or to Laguna Colorado & Laguna Verde and exit via S.P. de Atacama?

    I would prefer the route that takes me to Laguna Colorado and Laguna Verde, but not if I'm dealing with a flooded salt flat and hip deep mud.