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Boots matter

Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by Gregg Wannabe, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Mike M

    Mike M Long-timer... Supporter

    Feb 9, 2003
    A leg "pinched" off. Not good.
  2. DomEOD

    DomEOD 'murica

    Apr 10, 2013
    Colorado Springs, CO
    I'm an ATGATT except when making a quick hop to the market kind of guy.. (I know, that's when the worst crap happens). But I Always, always wear good boots. But that's why i got the most comfy boots ever that should be damn protective in an accident.

    Gaerne Balance oiled boot

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  3. cold comfort

    cold comfort Been here awhile

    Jul 2, 2008
    St Leonards ,Dunedin NZ
    Agreed good boots are the business and tall too. Went to Formas for ADV riding ( similar to above image) after giving myself a gastroc haematoma by ramming the foot peg into my calf. As an aside, as a youth traveling at 100km on straight road woman enters from side road and takes my space on the road! Saved my leg/foot by leaning left and lifting my right foot out of the way. As I was in the gravel by this point God knows how i stayed upright. The black paint on my shoe from her fender showed how close I was to losing it.! :eek1
  4. SGBoy

    SGBoy New Guy

    Aug 12, 2008
    Stories make me pause and rethink whether to ever not wear the full length Sidi boots vs. the ankle height riding shoes that are much more functional when I leave the bike. I only use them around town but that is also where the majority of the traffic exists.
  5. cpallen

    cpallen Nearly Adventurer

    May 26, 2003
    Panora, IA
    I have looked at these before and would love to have a pair. Just got an email flyer from Bike Bandit and saw them on sale for $260.

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  6. Jamesx2

    Jamesx2 Been here awhile

    Apr 6, 2014
    Beacon NY
    All the reading about foot/leg injuries this morning scared me into getting something better then the just above the ankle work boots Ive been wearing
    I bought a pair of Fox comp 5's
    Rode to the bike shop with the back pack on with the intent of wearing them home and sticking the work boots in the pack. Wore them out of the store only to find I couldnt up shift as the lever was too low to fit the toe. Pulled over and crammed these in my pack and rode home.All the time thinking how ironic it would be of something happened and hurt my foot. . Adjusted the lever up and its good. Trying to figure how to raise the brake up an inch.
    One lesson learned. Carry tools.
    I know I need real riding pants too
  7. deesee

    deesee Been here awhile

    Oct 23, 2014
    I have seen bad things with hiking boots, even at surface street speeds while the rider was on a short trip to the store.
    Worst was a fracture dislocation where the far end of the crashee's tibia had broken off and was lying on the ground next to his bloody/deformed ankle. After seeing that, it's motorcycle boots only for this kid.

  8. JGoody

    JGoody Been here awhile

    Nov 20, 2011
    Hey this tread couldn't be more timely for me. Last Sunday I managed to drop the bike at slow speed making a right turn by sliding on a greasy manhole cover that I omitted to notice and avoid -- pretty dumb!
    I was geared up (Motoport) and need a little patch on my pants but no road rash. My ankle was sprained and I am limping around. Not sure if it was twisted or took a hit on the outside on the pavement as it all happened very fast. My boots were TCX 7109 (side zipper) and perhaps they saved me from a break or perhaps if I had more effective foot protection I wouldn't be limping now. Looking at them they don't seem to cushion or keep the ankle from twisting much. In fact there is a hard plastic piece that looks like it would transmit any shock right to the ankle.
    Anyway aside from the rider lesson learned (I hope!) I am reevaluating my choice of boots. Any thoughts on the effectiveness of this model? I am thinking that the buckle style boot might have offered more ankle protection.
  9. Jarlaxle

    Jarlaxle Bregan D'Aerthe

    Nov 2, 2014
    New England
    I wear over-the-ankle Red Wing work boots (steel toe, steel shank) when I ride...my problem is that I just haven't found MC boots that fit me. :( It comes down to size: I wear an 11EEE.
  10. cjmadura

    cjmadura Been here awhile

    Mar 4, 2008
    Western Oregon
    Those pretty brown Gaernes are useless in a get-off. My friend wore the exact same boots when he went down in a minor rut and broke his ankle. The boots are too soft.

    I wear SIDI Chargers, with heavy armor and buckles. They're actually more comfortable than my road boots (SIDI Cobras and On-Road Goretex's), and they saved me numerous time off-road. I had my foot pinned under my bike, under water(!) with the rear wheel spinning on my boot (nice). When the bike was finally lifted, my foot wasn't even sore. Completely unaffected.

    Chargers rule.
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  11. Dominik78

    Dominik78 Been here awhile

    May 16, 2014
    I wish I had stumbled on this thread before I ordered the Sidi Adventure Goretex from abroad. Guess I'll have to start saving for something more protective.
  12. BeeCeeGS

    BeeCeeGS WeaponOfMassDestruction

    Dec 14, 2001
    Chilliwack, BC
    My preference will always be for a roadracing boot whenever practical. I lowsided in a lugged sole "adventure" boot on the street and I'm convinced that the lugs on the boot gripped the pavement and resulted in a broken tib/fib for me--there was no impact. Similar lowsides on the track had me walking away--the boots are designed to slide.

    A long off-pavement excursion would be a different matter, of course, but roadrace boots for the pavement every time.
  13. tallnbig68

    tallnbig68 Been here awhile

    Jan 13, 2007
    Aldershot, now part of Burlington Ontario
    Seeing all these comments, have often wondered if there is a manufacturer
    who would be able to assemble a motorcycle boot in a custom size.
    One of the (many) reasons am reluctant to return to motorcycle riding is the lack of availability of gear suitable for my anatomy. Aside fromt being
    less than three inches short of seven feet in height and weighing around 400 pounds, my feet are enormous. I wear custom made day to day orthepedic style shoes, my shoe size is 16, the width is 9E, that's about five inches give or take. Try and find anything to fit!, and my calves are equally as large;an attack of Celulitus three years ago affected the left leg such as it is smaller than the right however still it is bigger than many.
    Custom sized motorcycle outer wear is another whole kettle of fish...
    Am not prepared to have custom riding leathers all over again however if I wish to return to the sport it may well come to that.
  14. Bounder

    Bounder Typing...

    Mar 2, 2011
    West Cork, Ireland
    There is a few choices, unfortunately all of them seem to be in Europe.
    There is Alt-berg UK maker of custom boots.
    Vendramini Italian maker of custom boots with a wide range of styles.
    German company Daytona make custom boots as well.
  15. Cletus Runswithscissorsguy

    Cletus Runswithscissorsguy hiding in plain sight

    Sep 15, 2009
    Okeana, Ohio
    I would love a pair of Gaerne oiled boots and hear nothing bad about them and how comfy they are..
    Currently I wear a pair of SIDI or Diadora boots with the ankle puck (that little piece of plastic on both sides of the ankle) because of a accident with a friend a couple of years ago.
    He went down on his left side right behind me in a turn. That little thingy attached to the side stand caught him square on the inside of the ankle bone (where the fibula meets the talus) and was deflected by the puck. It tore thru the leather of his SIDI boots and ground a chunk out of the puck itself. He did break the Fibula, but it was very clear that if the ankle pucks weren't there it would have easily pierced the boot, sock and skin sqarely putting it in the webbing and tearing out his achilles tendon (still makes me cringe just thinking about it)...
    So ever since seeing that my first prerequisite for boots is the ankle puck.

    YMMV, and I know i'm missing out on the comfort of the Gaerne and Aerostich boots but geez.. the damage coulda been so much worse!
  16. RHM

    RHM Adventurer

    Apr 1, 2007
    Cjmadura wrote:

    "Those pretty brown Gaernes are useless in a get-off. My friend wore the exact same boots when he went down in a minor rut and broke his ankle. The boots are too soft."

    Beg to differ, I had a get off in June 2013. At the time I was riding with a pair of Redwing work boots. I have several other sets of dedicated MC boots but I already had these on and the ride was going to be short. Hindsight being 20/20 obviously I had no business on a bike with work boots on.

    I broke one of my metatarsus's and was in a cast for 2 months +/-. My other MC boots are strictly street boots and may or may not have helped with the initial break dunno.

    I decided to buy a pair of boots that would provide more protection for my ankle/foot area and wound up with the Gaernes. About 3 months after I felt comfortable enough to go out and ride some dual sport, dang if I did not drop the bike while climbing up a very moist clay hill.

    The bike landed on the same foot which I had broken and though I did feel some stinging, my foot came out unscathed. To me, the Gaernes did their job.

    Most certainly there are other boots that are stiffer/stronger and I do concede the Gaernes are soft when you get up into the calf area. However, they are comfortable as heck to walk in, more so than my dedicated street boots which are branded BMW but I know they are just badged BMW, some other company makes them, I have no idea who.

    I can walk in the Gaernes all day with no problem. I could have purchased a more aggressive boot, but I wanted to have boots with some good foot/ankle protection with the ability to get off the bike and walk some distance in comfort.

    The Gaernes fit like a glove and are holding up well. I can actually walk in them without feeling like I am wearing ski boots. I am wearing them more than I wear my street boots they are so comfortable.

    Sorry about your friend breaking his foot, but I broke mine too. I had another get off With Gaernes and had no problems to speak of and am very pleased with the protection they provided and the fit/finish is superb.

    Cpallen, don't be afraid of the Gaernes and that is a good price. I'd buy another set in a flash.
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  17. StuInFH

    StuInFH Been here awhile

    May 18, 2012
    Central CA
    Good for you. But no one should think that trials boots are adequate protection for anything but trials riding. And they are barely adequate for that, offering little to no protection against ankle injuries, by design, compared to proper boots for street, trail, or mx.

    Trials riders need to really flex their ankles both forward and back and side to side, so boots with actual modern ankle protection features will hinder a rider.

    Like others have said, if you ride street, wear real street boots, mx boots for mx. Of course if you can wear (shift/brake) an even stiffer, more protective boot than normal for your type of riding, that is even wiser.

    No offense to poster, but I would be negligent if I let this trials boot claim go unchallenged.
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  18. docwyte

    docwyte Long timer

    Dec 23, 2012
    Denver, CO
    I just got back from trying on a set of Sidi Crossfire SRS boots. Gotta say I was shocked at how flexible they were. I was expecting them to be as rigid as my ski boots and they're nowhere close to that.

    They're very comfortable to walk in, no worries there. Think I'll get a set to replace my Sidi Adventure boots and wear them for everything.
  19. RHM

    RHM Adventurer

    Apr 1, 2007
    I probably should not have piped up about the boots not having followed the thread from the beginning.

    I wear the Gearne's just about every time I get on a bike, to me, they offer far more protection than the street BMW boots.

    "Of course if you can wear (shift/brake) an even stiffer, more protective boot than normal for your type of riding, that is even wiser.
    " I can and do, and this no doubt weighed into my response, but that is just me. I took no offense.
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  20. Noctis

    Noctis Been here awhile

    May 21, 2014
    Honolulu, HI
    Hmm, I had a similar tib/fib fracture that I'm convinced was broken the same way, as I lowsided at about 5-10 mph.

    I had of course, replaced my TCX Air Tech boots with SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS boots after that little break:

    Though I wonder if those would slide better instead of gripping the pavement, because my feet sticks out to the side quite a bit when riding, and they would be the first thing to touch the ground if I tip over for any reason.

    They are indeed fairly mobile for walking, much more than you'd expect. Though you also announce your presence to everyone in the room with all the squeaking:evil.