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Bringing my bike to BC

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Fortech, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. Fortech

    Fortech Been here awhile

    Jan 23, 2011
    NL, Canada
    To add some context:

    I have been working a rataional job in British Columbia for the past 2.5 years but due to Covid my employer wishes for me to spend increasing more time in BC and avoid the exposure of monthly travel. Now instead of returning to my home province once a month, it will more than likely be once every 3-4 months depending on caseloads and covid protocols. For those seeking the definition of a rotational job, it’s basically commuting long distance for an extended schedule - 20 days of work, 10 days off.

    This coming spring (2021) I wish to bring my motorcycle to B.C. for use on evening and days off. I contacted my insurance provider and they have no interest in insuring me long term in BC due to the BC govt having a monopoly on insurance via ICBC.

    I ride a 2019 KTM Super Adventure R. I assume I will likely have to switch to a B.C. drivers license and plate my bike in BC as well - which will complicate ownership of my personal vehicles that I have licensed and insured in my home province (an individual cannot hold a legal drivers license in more than one province). Looking for some advice from others who have done the same.

    - Will an out of province safety inspection be required?
    - Who is the best (cheapest) vendor out there to seek insurance? (Northeast BC)
    - Process for insuring a bike in BC with or without B.C. plates.
    - Other tips to avoid being hooped?
  2. jeff96

    jeff96 Adventurer

    Nov 25, 2017
    My insurance card says Canada inter province motor vehicle liability insurance card applicable within Canada and the United States of America.

    If you maintain your permanent residence in ontario, I don't see what the problem is
  3. devildogg

    devildogg Long timer

    Jun 1, 2006
    MC nirvana Kootenay's BC
    no inspection required for motorcycles from out of province unless they have been registered as a rebuild
  4. Tytan

    Tytan Been here awhile

    Jan 12, 2015
    The Wet Left Coast
    The best place to start would be the local ICBC insurance office.

    I have no experience with this but I would think if your principle residence is back East then your license, insurance etc should be in that province. What if you rode the bike to B.C. then because of weather you could not ride it back and it had to stay in B.C. until the next year ?
  5. damurph

    damurph Cold Adventurer

    May 2, 2012
    The far east of the far east of North America
    As long as you own your home and licence here why switch and cause the pain in the ass to yourself. If you are moving there permanently then it is required but then you will have a BC address etc.
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  6. SaSaMCKZ

    SaSaMCKZ Long timer

    Feb 16, 2015
    Vancouver Island
    I don't see why you'd want to change the insurance, you can have out of province plates for up to 6 months and if your principal residence is back East, just leave it. I'd only worry about it if you moved here permanently. Motorcycles do not require an inspection. There is nothing 'cheap' about ICBC. I'd recommend browsing their site.
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  7. Fortech

    Fortech Been here awhile

    Jan 23, 2011
    NL, Canada
    I called my insurance provider and asked the question and they recommended that I switch over to ICBC if it was more than a trip through BC and back home again.

    I’m guessing the percentage of time I will be spending in B.C. versus NL would technically translate into meaning that I moved residence.
  8. Yella DR

    Yella DR Let's go! Supporter

    Aug 7, 2012
    You're not moving residence so leave everything as is. Keep the premium paid so they have no reason to terminate policy.
    Having a remote job is all this is, don't over think this.
    Enjoy the west coast roads. Keep your bike well hidden
  9. MikefromNL

    MikefromNL Long timer

    Dec 31, 2017
    I only know of one guy in the dual sport NL group with a 1290. WM, that you?

    When I moved from NL to BC, my insurance went from $60ish/month to $187/month for just the bike.
    The insurance here is based purely on displacement, and I think the base rate is $2400-$2600 for over 1150cc. You get a 5% discount for every year you can provide a clean insurance record, with a maximum discount of 47%. They only gave me credit for 3 years because I had a gap where I wasn't insured.

    The above is for just liability. You don't want to go through ICBC for theft/collision/comprehensive. I was quoted $3500/year for my Africa Twin! That is on top of the $1900 for liability. Its insane.
    I am with Beacon. I have heard Megson Fitzpatrick is also good. I suspect you're looking at the ballpark of $600-$800 annually for that coverage. Id try to keep it in NL if its legal to do so!

    Also, welcome to BC riding. Its night and day compared to NL for the amount of gravel roads and trails.
  10. yamalama

    yamalama wet coaster

    Sep 26, 2008
    north vancouver bc
    evenings and days off?
    i assume you gonna be working here?
    30 day exemption, iirc.
  11. GISdood

    GISdood Been here awhile

    Apr 2, 2009
    Prince George, BC
    While ICBC does hold a monopoly on registration and basic 3rd party liability insurance, I would advise you seek out private insurance for all other coverages (theft, fire, collision, comprehensive, storage, etc).

    Its going to be drastically cheaper than ICBC and will provide other deductible-based benefits for things like gear/helmet replacement allowances, as well. Good luck and welcome!
  12. Vikingtazz

    Vikingtazz Will ride for food.

    Aug 15, 2010
    Prescott Ontario, Canada
    If it were me, I'd keep the registration and insurance where I live, not where I'm working - unless of course it were cheaper, haha!

    You're insured anywhere you travel in Canada or USA - who's to say how long you are away?
  13. Adanac rider

    Adanac rider O.S.T.R. 62 Supporter

    Dec 5, 2006
    I would ask home province what warrants them to suggest you seek insurance where your working . They need to provide written documentation . The word of an agent is not proof .Your being upfront , so should they if the tax man is satisfied so should they :dunno. Side note - I'm not sure if Nfld and B.C. share traffic violation information , Alberta and B.C. don't seem to :wink:.
  14. 'Bob'

    'Bob' Been here awhile Supporter

    Nov 11, 2015
    We've had a similar conversation on ridetherock.com where we've discussed this issue as well.
    Regarding my experience with the above questions:

    - the bike I brought here which I had licensed and insured in NL was physically observed but not inspected by ICBC. They just recorded the VIN and issued me ICBC coverage.

    - you are required to get the minimum PLPD through ICBC but are free to shop around for any additional coverage you want

    - I was unable to insure a vehicle in BC with ICBC without getting BC plates. I was permitted to keep my NL driver's license if I wanted however that meant my insurance rates would be the same as a new driver with no experience each time I renewed my ICBC insurance.

    - other tips? It seems if you're in any province more than 90 days you're considered a resident there and required to obtain a DL from that Prov. Given your work requirements and Covid-19 you may be stuck paying very high insurance rates for very limited riding opportunities. That seems unfair but if you're forced to use ICBC it wouldn't hurt to ask questions about limited mileage on a vehicle from another province.

    As others have said, welcome to BC, it's a great place to ride. In 'normal' years I spend about ten months a year here in the Okanagan so I hope you'll pm me if you do any riding in this area.