Brooklyn to Argentina on a Salvaged Victory

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  1. GuateRider

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    Jan 2, 2008
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    It all starts with Mexico! I will be riding to the Victory MC gathering in Lake George in a few weeks if my repair is good. After thay I would like to go to Alaska and then do Russia, Mongolia, Pamir etc. Money and rapudly advancing decrepitude are my main obstacles

    Suerte with the repair job and your upcoming rides :super
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    I still maintain that Polaris/Indian should be providing you a new ride. You've earned it.
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    Jul 17, 2015
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    A well earned bump back to the top. Very interesting read. Much enjoyed. Can think of two or four dozen bikes I would have preferred for such a project. But all that matters is what makes the rider doing the peddling happy. Again great RR , very well done. O, you ever come to my n.e. corner let me know. By the way I’m a retired Independent one truck fleet. 25 years N. A. was my office. Guess you would have known what PETEPILOT means. Take Care Merlin
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    Thanks, I was thinking of going (and maybe presenting) at the Horizons Unlimited meet in Newfoundland this summer. Got to get the Vic ready. Probable time to replace the front tire I bought in Bariloche, that thing never seems to wear down, but it is a bit bumpy on the sides. I did put an oem shock back on it. I need to replace the intake boots on the throttle bodies. I siliconed the cracks in Ayacucho, Peru but it's leaking causing miss. I put a tank from another Vic on it as the tank lining material had delaminated and was causing fuel starvation. Here is the bike from this past September.[​IMG]