Buell 2008 Uly Questions

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    Nov 14, 2007
    MY 08 Uly has about 35000mi on it. The voltage regulator went on the bike the other day. It's in the shop waiting for the part. Before they do the work what else should I have them check before it leaves. I've only owned it for about a week. Thanks
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    On the 08 I had it was a brake and replace. It hardly ever had a issue and a voltage regulator is a would fall into that category.

    That being said, have them check the plug coming from the altanator to the harness. Sometimes they did not make full contact and started to melt down. Also check the fuel pump connector for chafed wires.
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    That was an issue on the 06/07 models (the infamous "77 connector"), but I don't think I've read of any problems with connectors on the 08-up bikes. The 08-up bikes changed to a single phase stator versus the 3-phase unit on earlier models and the type of electrical connectors was changed at the same time.

    I'd strongly recommend you have them check the rear wheel bearings. That's a fairly common issue on Ulys that can strand you. If you want to pay for a great upgrade, 2010-model rear wheels that feature larger bearings with separate external seals plus a 2nd bearing on the sprocket side (3 bearings total) are still available. That'll set you back about $350 for the parts IIRC.
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    The wheel bearings for sure, I just had a failure this weekend. The issue with the regulator, it usually caused by the stator. Pull the primary inspection cover and give a sniff they smell burnt when they start to go. A failure will over amp or short the reg/rec. As many as I've seen go, if you just replace the reg about a hundred miles or so they both go again. I was a mechanic at a Buell dealership and this was my experience with this problem. The other problem, while your in for your stator is look very closely at the clutch throw out bearing castings. I've preemptively fixed this to prevent on tour failure.
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    My regulator failed shortly after I got my 08, 4700mi. Replaced it with a new one and it's been good ever since, at about 20,000 now.

    As far as wheel bearings go, it's good practice to check em when you have the wheels off and replace if they're notchy. Before a big trip I take off the wheels to inspect things. I haven't had trouble with wheel bearings after replacing the factory fit with SKF or All Balls.