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    Since the primary/sole repository for all things Buell on advrider--the "Show Off Your Buells Here" thread, which resided in Road Warriors for the nearly 15 years since its inception--has been inexplicably moved to the "Photos" forum to obviously die in obscurity amongst the content-less fluff of that forum (and yet, for example, the "Harley riders sign in with a pic" thread remains in Road Warriors alongside a bajillion other general Harley-content threads), this thread aims to restore a place in Road Warriors for general Buell content.

    Ideally, for convenience/ease of access sake I would've liked to copy-paste the vast quantity of Buell info/knowledge from the "Show Off Your Buells" thread here, but since that's not practicable, interested parties should know that that thread, and all the info it contains, can now/still be found in the Photos forum if one is willing to dig deep enough to find it.

    Now, I realize threads are "worthless without pics", and while I'd like to oblige, the prospect of having this thread merged into the (now) Photos thread is presently an effective deterrent. I do have a fair bit of technical content detailing modifications both performed and planned on my M2 and my 1125(s) which I will add to this thread in the near future which will include pics to illustrate the content, so this thread will surely contain *some* pics, just not enough to break the seemingly uniquely-to-Buell low threshold to bump it to the Photos forum.

    So, barring someone with the means to restore the "Show Off Your Buells" thread back to Road Warriors doing so, by all means, going forward, post up your general Buell-related, non-photo-centric content here, and check back for my aforementioned M2/1125 mods if interested.
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    M IMG_0478.jpg
    M IMG_0476.jpg
    My 96 S1 Lightning
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    Thanks for starting this thread; I'm hopeful we can consolidate the content into one thread instead of several. I'm working in Tunisia for about half of the summer but should return to italy in time to get some Alpine riding in (have trip planned for 4th July weekend).



    I installed Rox risers right before this business trip and am looking forward to getting a feel for them on the road. Also have lower footpegs and adjustable breake/shift levers but will wait to install until I don't have an upcoming trip. The clutch cable seal going into the case is bad and I'm not going to change it before my July trip (starts 4th July weekend and ends in August with 3w of work in there) for the same reason as the pegs...I think I'll try a dab of sealant on the case where the clutch cable enters to keep most of the water out. I do have a clutch cable on hand.

    Also will be my first camping trip without the hard bags. I'm removing the tail trunk bracket and instead of the stock HB bags, will be using Mosko Moto (Backcountry 50 and BC panniers). Also ordered a proper bar bag from Chase Harper ( https://chaseharperusa.com/collections/apparel/products/hip-pouch ); I have several tank bags but don't like how any of them fit on the Uly tank.
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    Nice, you have the elusive XT version. Those always seemed like a great universal option.
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    Pagosa Springs, CO
    Slowly sorting out this 09 XT IMG_20210602_142706726_HDR.jpg
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    Brillant! sub'd
  7. Redoubt

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    Appalachian Mountains
    My old Buell.
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    So to keep this different than a picture thread.....

    wonder if I will ever get a Buell. Love the idea of the bikes. And, while some are tired of EB, I liked him the time I met him and rooted for success of EBR.

    The content of this post is that it is difficult for the un initiated to simply find what looks like a good deal and just pull the trigger. Seems as though Internet reading reveals some pretty serious land mines exist in certain models some years and not others.

    The knowledge base is there, but I don't know all the ins and outs. And there seem to be a lot of pitfalls to avoid.

    So for a guy like me, I wonder what might be the most reliable ones. Or if the EBRs turned out to be the leaders in that metric.

    All I know is the most bad ass bike I ever heard was a Buell. A bunch of guys looking at an outdoor used motorcycle lot. Forget what I was looking at. Coming down the hill and turning in was a guy on a fire bolt. Every single bozo on that lot turned and looked. Still remember that rumble.
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    One thing that confuses me is when folks post comments wondering if there are mechanics around who will work on a moto that's out of production. I don't know how to reply to those comments. It's as if really think there's some great difference in ICE used in most motos. For sure there may be some proprietary software (ex. BMW, Triumph) to diagnose things but at the end of the day, it's just a pile of parts that some group of people assembled.

    When I bought my 08 Uly in 2019, it has just 8000 miles on it with the original tires. Luckily, the PO had records indicating annual servicing (oil, brake fluid, etc) so I didn't worry about the usual problems with motos that have sat for long periods.

    i keep a spare belt on hand (but don't take it on trips with me) as well as a spare VR. Other than that, I think most of the other things (ex. brake pads) are readily available at any large dealership/parts warehouse.

    Helping Buell are folks like Twin Motorcycles in the Netherlands that are not only Buell experts but make (or get made) improved parts.

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    Don't wonder. Buy one. You can always sell it. But I doubt you will unless it's a basket case.

    Basically three iterations of Buell. Not counting EBR, etc...

    Older, carbed, tube frames.
    Older, FI, tube frames.
    Older, FI, twin spar frames.

    Obviously some differences between year models but those are the architecture from which to choose from.

    Mostly a ghost town now but still a great resource: http://www.badweatherbikers.com/cgibin/discus/discus.cgi

    All the parts and even some advice from here: https://st-paul-harley-davidson-buell.myshopify.com/

    I'll probably never sell my S3t. It doesn't get ridden as much these days. It's hot, cantankerous, and finicky. But on cool days out in the country I wouldn't want to be on anything else. It's about as connected between myself and the road as any bike I've ever owned. Now, I have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into her. Suspension is dialed. Engine/exhaust is dialed. Took a long time to get there. But she's magic.
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