Buena Vista, Salida, Bonanza, Sargents info '19

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    Dave wants to know where the 2020 version is. I have not done one this year because of COVID-19. Local riders felt it was not a good idea to invite* non-locals because of our state health dept COVID-19 regulations. Now that the regulations are more relaxed, one could hope for a return to (more) normal. Alas, I'm not motivated, but others are welcome to do their own version. Minimally, you could copy the first post in this thread (I grant permission to anyone to copy and use it), modify it, then post the result in your own thread.

    I'm semi-retired now; only ride 3-4 days per week. Trying to 'ride my age'.

    *invite in the sense of providing information that would seem to say "they're open, so come and ride"

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    Thank's Ramz for all the work you have done in the past on this subject, I know it has been a lot of work. I also know you have enjoyed the heck out of doing it!:ricky
    What a shame you are only riding 3-4 days a week!! LOL
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    The OP can easily re name the title, removing the `19 so it can live forever! :freaky