Bulgaria to Kyrgyzstan

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    Jun 23, 2017
    Just completed a 5600km run on 2010 KTM990A from Burgas, Bulgaria to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan via Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. Eleven days of riding. Mostly camping. Generally good roads (on the route I took) with a couple of bad patches (potholes) entering Ukraine east of Chisinau and leaving Russia east of Saratov.

    Borders were slightly slower than average, particularly Ukraine/Russia. Distance between fuel stops gets stretched in Kazakhstan, maybe 400km in one case. Tough to find shelter when camping in Kazakh steppe. Warm at times (43C/109F). Locals friendly throughout but tough if you don't speak Russian.

    Great support from Iron Horse Nomads in Bishkek who service and store motorcycles. You can leave your bike in Kyrgyzstan for up to a year without import issues although you need a permit covering your stay when you enter the economic area... in my case, when I entered Russia from Ukraine.

    To cross from the edge of the European Union to the edge of the Himalayas in such a short time is amazing although others may want to go slower. Leave comments or message me if you want further details.

    Happy riding,. Charlie IMG_20190701_222916_613.jpg IMG_20190701_224132_036.jpg IMG_20190705_170935_991.jpg
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