Bump on the Blue Ridge Parkway

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    Why shouldn’t we hold the government accountable for shitty road conditions?

    Yeah the bump probably wasn’t a big deal.... maybe a better rider could have negotiated it? But still...

    A friend of mine in Australia was driving her kids to school during a storm and hit a large falling branch, which had the effect of wrecking her car and breaking her neck. Thankfully, prognosis is good and she’s not paralyzed, but it’s been a year and she’s still mostly bedridden. The government accepted responsibility, without the need for a lawsuit, for the fact that the trees along that road were not adequately maintained to prevent such a thing, and has been paying for her care, including a nanny to help her care for her large family.
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    Because operating a vehicle on a public road is predicated on following the rules and laws of the road, which includes maintaining control of ones vehicle, and operating it in a safe manner for prevailing conditions.

    If one is on a twisting mountain back road and wrecks because they didn't see an obstacle in time they, failed to meet their obligations.

    "the government" is only as responsible as we decide it to be, and at this point responsibility is shared. Critical safety issues with road conditions are addressed, but they're not made idiot proof by fixing every imperfection.
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    An example.

    Riding along a paved country road, been down the road many times. Speed limit 45 mph. Was riding 40-45 mph.

    Just so happens it crosses the state line. Road conditions change. Road on approach is clean, smooth asphalt. Also there was a distraction on left, some bicycles in a pull off, again, been through there many times, at that speed. There is a medium S turn at that point, the second turn being a right. Just so happens that at the state line the state entering decided to spread fine gravel on the road, covering the whole right lane. No loose gravel signs. Their own work instructions say to post loose gravel signs if gravel has been spread, to specifically warn motorcycles.

    Lost the front on the second right and high sided. A loose gravel sign would have slowed the rider down considerably. The DOT didn’t do their job, according to their own procedures.

    I understand that we all accept risk every time we head out. But it’s not a free for all. There are responsibilities on both sides.
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    Regarding the skill level comments, I presume his lawyer would argue that he has met or exceeded the standards set forth by the state that issued his endorsement. So advanced skills or lack thereof is a non-issue in a legal sense.
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    Maybe he was riding too fast. But the bump is in the middle of a curve. Leaned over hitting that bump is a recipe for disaster, you need to be upright, or almost upright. Which means slowing down. I have ridden the BRP a bunch over the years. You have to stay alert and on your toes. Even doing the speed limit. I have had to dodge deer, turkeys and even bears a few times. It is not a place to go all BoiRacer.
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    Because, in the USA they will just closed secondary roads, until they are prefect, never....

    We had a micro burst storm come thru in the Spring here. State Parks and Town parks are still "Closed to the Public" because they don't have workers, money or time to clean up all the down trees. So the Wilderness is closed to Hiking because of Nature for the foreseeable future.
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