ButtonWillow Trackday Sept 16th

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    i just got this email from Trackdaz, the organizers of the event. Christi and i went to this track last weekend and had a blast. No ADV'ers signed up so we left the GS's at home.

    Here are some videos
    This one is of the pals riding together (mostly street group).
    http://crashclub.net/Video/TrackDaz8-28-lg.wmv (right click file/save-as to desktop)

    this one is just some choice highlights from the day.
    http://killerpriller.com/videos/NickPasses.wmv (right click file/save-as to desktop)

    I plan on being there if anyone wants to hookup. Will bring GS's if ADV'ers decide to show. Give me a shout.

    Friday September 16 at Buttonwillow.


    For a limited time, so if ya wanna hop on the savings wagon, sign up quickly. This price will only apply to this event, and is not transferrable to other events. So, if you sign up and can't make it - we can transfer you over to another event at another track but you will have to pay the difference.

    Call 909.234.4713 for more info, or go reserve your spot online at www.trackdaz.com

    Riding Wisdom: there is no better way to improve your street riding skills than by spending time on the track. Mid corner breaking, lean angle, and picking lines all improve imediatly after your first day on the track.