Buying tires in Canada.

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Drif10, May 26, 2020.

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    Dec 14, 2004
    After staring at the “tires will be available in 5 weeks” for the last eight months on Kimpex’s website, I finally contact Motoz Australia directly and was assured that the tires in my size were in a container that had arrived in Vancouver in September.......It is now the end of October. Kimpex is showing stock on one size front and one rear Rallz tire, however NOT the size for my 690. Kimpex now tells me that they don’t have the size for my bike and they don’t know when or IF they will ever get them.

    The laugh is that there are lots of these tires in stock in the US, but the Kimpex-Motoz deal doesn’t allow US dealers to ship into Canada. With the borders closed, I can’t use my US address to order them.

    With my front tire basically knob-less, I ordered a Dunlop 606 front and a Pirelli rear from They arrived in three days.

    Maybe in 2021???
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    I'm sorry, I'm just now seeing this. No, I can't discern any difference in performance. I do actually think that it's possible to store a tire so that it doesn't deteriorate so much, and that's what they claim to have done. From what I can gather, the first sign of an issue would be the appearance of tiny cracks on the surface of the rubber, and that hasn't happened. It also doesn't seem to be wearing any differently (this bike is on its third set). 'Bout all I can say so far, 3,000km in.
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    I received an old rear tire from Fortnine. Called them and got a prepaid shipping label emailed to me.
    I returned the old tire and ordered another one. It was acceptable.
    I called to request that the build date is checked before they ship tires but was told they have no control over that. Tires are drop shipped from a distributer.
    They did make it right in the end.
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    Would be nice if there was a way to specifically order older tires and get a discount. I burn through a rear tire at least once a year so I wouldn't care about the manufacture date, as long as it's not really ancient.
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    Just received a set of Dunlop Trailmax Missions from Pete's.

    Decent price, and the build date code is 4120. That's some fresh rubber. Thibault is the importer that they were drop shipped from.
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    I needed a new set of sneakers for the 300 to stud for the winter and a new front for the 990. I checked Fortnine and Gnarly Parts and ended up with as good pricing from a local dealer. I bought 5 tires (Dunlop 952, Pirelli MT21 and a set of Dunlop MX33s for the boy) and my wallet was lighter by about $550 taxes in. My goddamned GripStuds made my stomach churn...those fuckers are more expensive than the damn tires.