[CA,USA] Berryessa->Mendocino NF in January

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    Hi All-

    I am in the process of route planning for a 3 day adventure that I'd like to take in the beginning of January (1/4 - 1/6).

    This GPX File shows my general plan.

    I intend to ride freeways up to lake berryessa, twisties around the lake to a dirt path through Knoxville OHV that includes Reiff Rd, etc from seavoyage's monthly informal ride in that area. From there, I'll head north on 16, and get back on the dirt up Bear Valley Rd and into "Wintun Camp" around Indian Valley Reservoir that looks nice. The next day, I will basically loop around the reservoir to intercept a route I got that is supposedly tracks from the easy splits of the 2009 Sheetiron. Follow that route up and into Stonyford and around through the national forest over to a campground at Lake Mendocino. For the final day, I'll just cut across 20 to 1 and take a scenic ride down the coast.

    Unless anyone here was looking for something to do that weekend, this is likely to be a solo trip - my normal riding buddies are all busy that weekend.

    I'm looking for feedback on the wisdom of this route during the winter. Rain/Snow weather predictions during the actual trip, or significant storms right before the trip will likely cancel the plan. Since we've already had a fair amount of rain out here, what are the chances that this will be impassable? Is it likely to be snowy? I'm on an F8GS, so not a small bike, but it's on TKCs and I'm somewhat competent with it (I'm not very fast, but I don't get stopped by much and I don't mind picking it up).

    I'm equipped to camp in temperatures down to the low 30's. The high risk bit looks to be the Saturday route, which I've never ridden before and is mostly sheetiron trails - seems like there's some potential to get blocked or have significant delays which could leave me camping in the middle of the forest and making up the difference on Sunday. Since I only have to cover some odd 100 miles that day, it seems doable unless the trails are significantly more technical than expected.

    I appreciate your feedback...


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