California to Utah with some off road

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    I’m planning a trip with a friend from Ca to Utah on 1190 adventures. I’m looking for some advice on off road routes from here to there and some interesting off roading in Utah. Going to be over the week of thanksgiving so we have 5-7 days to kill. We were thinking of going through Mojave but that takes a few days supposedly and carrying food and water for three days might be a pain so we were thinking of heading towards Vegas and then up into southern Utah. We will be set up to be self sufficient and camp but it would be nice to be able to stop for at least one meal a day and have places to re supply for a day at a time. We are in the SF Bay Area but can head anywhere from here.
    Thanks for any help, Jason
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    RT 12 past Bryce Canyon is a great road. It is at high elevation so bring some warm riding gear.

    Off RT 398, Hurricane to Kanab you can take some nice graded dirt roads to overlooks of the Grand Canyon North rim, Toroweap and Whitmore Points! At Whitmore point there is a 1.25 mile hiking trail down to the Colorado river, the water is cold but the hike is worth it.

    Out of Vegas take the road along Lake Mead, RT 167 or North Shore Rd very good road surface and takes you back to I 15.
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    Tinkering with the idea of MOAB Nov. 7-11 (dates are fixed unfortunately) on my 950. If your departure/return window changes holler if your looking for another rider to join.