Cam chain noise and oil light flicker

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    Replace your oil pump pressure relief spring with a new one and your problem will probably go away. The work is well documented in these hallowed halls somewhere, or likely in the HOW. EDIT: actually in this very thread; page 1. It's super fiddly, but it can be done without even draining the oil. Replacing the spring and switching to 10W50 oil fixed my identical issue completely.

    Spring part number is: "60038026000 CONTROL SPRING LC8 3,5 BAR"

    Cheers... Paul
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    What oil filter are you using?
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    I remember there was somenone who reported flickering oil pressure warning and low pressure when he measured the pressure as per manual. In the end that was caused by an internal oil jet that was unscrewed, and that caused the pressure drop :hack

    Hope that this is not your case, and you should probably start first by replacing the oil pump relief spring.
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    Hey peps. Have some info about the problem with cam chain like noise.

    • First it is not a good idea to mess with tensioners length. Changing tensioners won't do for long time if chains are already to long. If tensioners are out of spec. change the chains because tensioners will be out of spec soon again.
    • Second, cam chain like noise could be related to balancer shaft spring wear (part no. 60036081050). Change could help. There are few notes about it on this forum -->
    **For any 950 owners who already have the split gear or 990 owners who have tick/click/clack cam related noise they can’t track down look right in the engine service manual (page 5-13) KTM left us a little NOTE about this split gear. “If tension spring is worn, the balancer shaft drive will become loud.”
    Fortunately in that case you can order just the spring to replace:
    1 – 60036081050 Tension spring (#14) it’s less than $8.

    Above note from thread: ""

    Service manual shows how to extract the gear and how to put the tension spring the right way. Seems not so tricky. Specific ktm tool required (similar to water pump holder) but i think doable with own worksop tools. Not sure if extractor is needed maybe tension spring could be changed without getting the gear out.

    • Third, blinking oil light stands for oil pressure regulator which has to be changed. Easy job. Only clutch case has to be removed. See 950info for manual. And minimum 1500 rpm on idle should be set. 950info shows where to do it (little screw on the right side of throttle bodies - it is wise to check if TB are in sync - vacuum amounts)
    • Fourth - valve clearance but info not clear

    Noise in my KTM is gone after changing the map and doing TB sync but sometimes it's still happening. Have to follow above highlights myself.

    That's all i know after searching forums and talking to people.