Cambodia motorbike tour suggestions

Discussion in 'Asia' started by B1, Apr 21, 2018.

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    I recently did a Cambodia Motorbike Tour and thought it might be worth starting a thread on tour operators in the area but also suggestions for adventure riders looking to ride through this country before it becomes too deforested and loses many of its dirt 'highways' and offroad sections. I did a video series based on a six day ride I did around the western half of Cambodia to give an idea of the terrain and culture.

    Although officially called a dirt ride, I personally found this fell more into the adventure riding category as there are long sections of dirt road and paved roads too that link up the various forests and occasional jungle we rode through.

    Please feel free to post any personal or organized Cambodian adventure tours you have done, it's quite an amazing country and it's going to change quite rapidly in the coming years as it develops further.
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    I've done 3 trips in Cambodia, 1st
    The first 2 were through a company called Dancing roads and I highly recommend them, their bikes are well maintained.
    3rd this was part of a 4 month trip around S E Asia on my own DR 650. from post 64 is Cambodia
    I think I'm all Cambodiaed out now, maybe in the future but now I have other places in mind.