Camp Holiday (CADVR Rally Site) Owner's Life Celebration

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    Some of you may not know but Ray Schneider, the owner of Camp Holiday (along with his wife Cathy) died a couple weeks ago in a UTV accident. Ray worked tirelessly on the campground as a host to us and others and was very excited about our rally and our people. Ray sought us out and asked us to move the rally over to his campground 4 years ago. Right before Brittany and I left the rally he ordered a couple banners (he really liked this years design) and he had asked me to start working on a new giant banner design for the campground. Outside of his business first disposition he really enjoyed our group. We will miss him. His end of life celebration is this coming weekend, Sept 7th from 2-6pm at Camp Holiday. If you can please stop by and represent our family. We cannot attend as I have a work commitment. Thank you and be safe.