Camping in Great Falls, SD

Discussion in 'Americas' started by coop74, Nov 14, 2007.

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    I, and a few others, are going to Alaska next year in July. We are looking at camping along the way. One of our days puts us in the Great Falls, MT area. I am looking for a good, inexpensive campground in the area hopefully with good shower and something to do/see. We will only be there one night but it is always nice to find a special place to spend that night...

    Any suggestions?

    Edit: ok i am an idiot, the thread title is wrong, i know, that is what happens when you key late at night planning a trip that is a half year away....

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    Jan 1, 2007
    On our trip to Alaska, we went through Great Falls. Montana was the coldest and windiest part of the whole trip. Make sure you have your electrics with you when you go across Montana, especially near the mountains. The cold wind comes whipping down off the glaciers.

    Alas, we did not stay in Great Falls but instead pushed on towards the Glacier National Parks East Gate. There was not any good motorcycle camping there (RVs yes), we ended up staying in a noname hotel in Browning Montana. Browning is on Indian Land and is almost 100% Indian - nice people, but not a lot to see or do there.
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    Go a little further north of Great Falls to Kalispel or Columbia Falls and will find much better campsites..especially at the East Entrance of Glacier and there is a great campsite at that entrance. I think the town is called East Glacier. Cheap, facilities and wildlife all around...especially goats. Also I'd recommend you get an RV campground catelog for other sites...most have showers/toilets and running water....but still cheap/secure at $10 a day,