Can you post pics in personal messages?

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    Title says it all. Yes tried a search. Asked somewhere else and got a response about dick pics. So I thought I might ask a grown up.
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    What has worked for me is to use a picture hosting service - you upload the image to them, then copy and paste the 'code' into the body of your PM and your images will appear.

    I use this service, it's free to join or use. I like this service because it does not plaster my posting with all kinds of little links all over the page.

    Once your image is uploaded, you should get a screen something like this:


    You are after the Embedded code, and you select BBCode full and copy that line of data. That is what gets pasted in PM's or you can use it in normal forum threads like this one. I will add that it's nice if you can RESIZE your image prior to uploading it-- so your not trying to upload an image that's 5,000 pixels wide or something. :nah

    Below, this image is born from the line of code shown above:

    (this is a screen shot of the code so you can see that it matches the code line from the box above)


    And then the image will appear here:


    Just what works for me.
    Other people will have other ideas, people are like that... :lol3
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