Canary Islands - Morocco - Spain. Or The Crazy Way To Buy A Bike.

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    I'm looking into purchasing a bike in the Canary Islands, hop between islands and ride on them, and then get it back to my family's home in Spain. Here's where it gets dicey and potentially interesting, so wondering what you know. The obvious route is take the ferry to The Peninsula. The non-obvious one is getting to Tarfaya and riding up Morocco! There used to be a ferry going from Fuerteventura (Easternmost Island) to Tarfaya, in Morocco. The ferry ran for a few months in 2007 and shipwrecked in 2008 departing from Morocco. They've been building up a new port in Tarfaya that accommodates these large boats without the occasional inconvenience of a boat sinking and the promised opening is for 2017. Sometime. Which for Canary Islands timing probably means 2018. So I will likely not be able to use standard transportation.

    This leaves the option of convincing a fishing boat to drop me off in Morocco. I'm confident I can get someone to do this :rofl. My question has to do with the Customs and Border Control entering Morocco through a non-major port. Should I expect there to be a post that will "legalize" my entry into Morocco - I'm mostly worried about having the correct paperwork and being able to later exit Morocco with the motorcycle and be able to get it back in Spain. Who would be the best institution to answer this - the Spanish consulate in Morocco, or the Moroccan consulate in Spain?

    Cheers to all, wish me luck. I'm going to need it!