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    Feb 12, 2017
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    The canisterectomy lite still works in 2017! My '05.5 950 has had a dead spot in the middle of the power band (~5k rpm) where on full throttle the bike would hesitate before powering up again into 6 and 7k rpms. I was also under the impression my bike should be power wheeling no problem in 1st and 2nd gear, but not the slightest wheel lift. ADDITIONALLY, I was having some hard starting issues. It was by way of the hard starting thread that I came upon the canisterectomy and lite. I thought, this sounds like a quick possible fix. Fyi I have never dropped the bike (YET), but the previous owner probably did. I pulled the plug and low and behold, a bunch of oozy oil/gas mixture shot out. I went on a ride the next morning. The bike still took a minute (and a good amt. of choke) to get started up. I was on my way to my mechanic to finally try and get this issue sorted. Getting off the highway I yanked on the throttle and to my surprise, no stutter! I was skeptical so I took to some long straight roads and pulled through each gear, only to find that the issue has seemingly disappeared! I wondered if I might also be getting a bit more I pulled back in 1st gear and did my inaugural wheelie on the 950. Since then (yesterday) I can't seem to keep the front wheel down :lol3

    My question here is, is it possible for this seemingly super minor fix to have such a significant impact on throttle response, power distribution/torque etc? Also, will the full canisterectomy provide me with even more comprehensive results re: hard starting? Cheers!
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    I pulled my bash plate and checked in there, but only noticed a few hoses with no plugs. Anyone know if that hose needs to be plugged when in normal use? I assume someone had laid the bike over and just pulled that plug altogether. Anyone see a problem with that?

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