CannonTracks - WI Rustic Roads Patch

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    Oct 5, 2005
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    Unsure we got to 10, We missed several, we slabbed too much :cry and some the signs were rotted off the post or the route # was missing. Not really a concern as we had a great trip and learned that next time we will just focus on SW WI for the riding we like to do. I recall county road P was a favorite. There is a ton of roads to explore since 90% is all paved in WI which is nice for us street riders.

    I recall doing the TWAT on my Husky610 a few years ago and turned around in Sparta due to the cold and serious lack of gravel. never did make it back to finish but want to someday when I get a dual sport or ADV bike. We saw a group of GS's going south on Saturday and that was about it for group riders that is. Sure it was chilly in the 50's, but that's not terrible.

    We stayed in Sparta, Milwaukee and New Glarus. ~875 miles in total.

    Either way, we appreciated all the effort to get these into a GPS format for use to search out.
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