Cape Breton Canada, TT style race

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    Jul 6, 2005
    FYI ...

    News Release
    March 16, 2006
    Cape Breton Post News Story
    By Debbie Gwynn
    Cape Breton Post
    A world-class motorcycle race may have hit a roadblock following a news release issued by the Canadian Motorcycle Association withdrawing their sanctioning for the event.
    The Cape Breton Festival of Speed, an international motor sports festival, plan to host the race tied to an event called the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy). The event has taken place on the tiny island of 56,000 people, located in the Irish Sea, for the past 97 years.
    We’re moving ahead, said Maureen Carroll, chair of the Cape Breton Festival of Speed, basically what we’re saying is that we have a pretty experienced board of directors and we’ve got a team of experts in place in Ontario.
    “First of all, I don’t think the patient is in critical condition,” said John Graham, event’s project manager.
    The insurance company didn’t close the doors on us, said Graham, there was a miscommunication with CMA and they concluded that we may not get insurance, so they held sanctioning pending further review.
    “There are other sanctioning bodies but we are still working with the CMA,” said Carroll. The meeting at issue scheduled to take place Feb.17-19 was cancelled due to inclement weather and has been rescheduled for Mar.31-Apr. 2.
    “The broker has agreed to a new deadline of April 15 to have the manual completed,” said Graham.
    Another stumbling block to the road race being held Sept.20-24 is the road itself.
    The 54 km route will run from the Louisbourg Highway as the Hornes Road turnoff, towards Sydney to Morrison Road, through Birch Grove and Port Morien along Highway 255, through Mira Gut and finally, back up Hornes Road for the home stretch.
    Terry Dale, director of safety and track organization for the event has indicated 6.6 km of road improvements are needed for the race to happen.
    Members of the committee have been meeting with the Department of Transportation and the Department of Tourism since August 2005.
    “We are in weekly discussion (on road improvements) with both departments,” said Carroll.
    “The Department of Tourism and Culture for the province has been extremely supportive.”
    “It (The Festival of Speed) is a signature event for Nova Scotia and we have been published as that.”
    Information and details on how plans are proceeding are available at
    [email protected]

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    Man, the calender was penciled in for that weekend! Hope that DOT can get it together for this one. I noticed that their website has been pretty inactive for the last several months, guess that should have hinted that sommat was up. I will be going up to the Stan Rogers Folk Festival the first of July, so was planning on getting more information from the natives on the way back down and a quick ride of the course.