Car tyres to fit 17" motorcycle wheels

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    Ordered the longer bolts and a tire off eBay yesterday. Once in hand, will look to fabricate a spacer. Hmmm, 6.35mm = 1/4 inch, could fabricate my own out of 1/4" aluminum stock. From the photo, it looks like a 9mm spacer would push the tire harder against the left plastic fairing?

    Thanks for the photos, won't have that much weight on it, no trailer though it has a hitch, plus plastic/rubber rubbing doesn't bother me. A heavier duty rear spring could cure that rubbing if it did become a concern.

    Glad I found your comment as was not ready to plunk down mega $$$$ for a custom rear wheel.

    Ride safe

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    Particularly if you can machine the spacer yourself, and being able to get an Economist tire delivered to your door for about $70, I'd definitely recommend trying that route first. It will lower your rear end about 3/4" or so, thereby changing the gearing a bit as well.

    Here's a pic of a new Economist and one we'd put just about exactly 10,000 miles on


    As you can see we weren't quite down to the wearbars, and I would have run it longer to see how many miles we could squeeze out of it, but we were headed into Mexico planning about 3000 miles before coming back north - didn't want to carry the spare and deal with a change in MX.

    We have about 7000 miles, the first almost 3000 being in Mexico, on the current tire, and it's still looking good. I think I said this early, but it's a great street tire - not a great rain or loose surface tire though.