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    I will update this as it unfolds but to start with: I would not recommend ordering from Car Covers Factory .com , unless you can somehow magically tell if their covers will fit your bike.

    Based on the dropdown choices I was able to choose very specifically a cover for my '04 R1150 GS Adventure. The cover arrived quickly. But it doesn't fit. Too small.

    I've read that the fitment would be snug.. but it's unusable for any kind of easy use. I was/am replacing a Nelson Rigg cover that didn't last a year, but was at least very easy to use.

    Step 1: Ordering was fine. Shipment was quick.
    Step 2: Doesn't fit, with and without boxes. See pic.
    Step 3: Go to website for chat with rep...rep disappears after telling me to write to sales at Uh wut? New chat rep comes in and says ignore that. (Ok, outsourced virtual assistants make mistakes. I guess?) Link to screengrab:

    Step 4: A week goes by without much clarity on what they're doing to rectify this. I gather they're sending a replacement but not sure.
    Step 5: I can't wait for more bs, so I submit a request for a return label and refund.
    Step 6: Weird email reply.
    Dear Customer,

    Thanks for writing to us and we are for sure going to help you out and this is guaranteed.

    Meanwhile, we just happened to check and observed that we sent out the right and the appropriate size cover for your "2004 BMW R1150 GS Adventure" which is 100% waterproof and has 5-7 super heavy duty layers with soft fleece lining inside. This will work for long long time as it's standard edition cover comes with the 10 years warranty. Please stay assured.

    If you allow then we can make this transaction fruitful and hassle free for you by offering you an immediate refund of $25.00 back to your card, that too right now today itself and there is no any hassle of any returns, you keep the item too. If you allow and confirm us then we can immediately make this happen and refund you today.

    Thanks & Regards!

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