CBR/VTR wheels on DRZ?

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    Jan 24, 2019
    Hi. I am new to DRZ's. Anyway I want to convert my DRZ-E to a supermoto, however I am wondering if I can still use the stock speedo drive unit? I DO NOT want to get a trail tech speedo, and yes I am aware how good they are as I've previously had one on my KTM before, but I just want to keep the stock speedo unit on the DRZ.

    I have 1 CBR250R rear wheel, and 1 VTR250 front wheel (VTR and CBR front are the same except 1 less spoke). I have the necessary wheel discs, sprocket, spacers and front caliper extender bracket already, only thing I don't have yet is the front spacers. I have the correct size wheel bearings in both wheels already installed.
    I'm also going to be getting the SM Speedo drive unit to compensate for the smaller diameter wheels. And I already have a 110/70 front tyre (can even go to a 120/70 front if I wanted) and Ive got a 150/60 rear tyre. So I'm mostly all set.

    So my question is, would the speedo drive unit/sensor on the front wheel just fit/wedge straight on? Or would modifications be needed? I was thinking perhaps a short spacer between the hub and speedo drive unit?