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    May 5, 2011
    Only been here a decade riding the Providences of the 'fat' part of Cebu, along with ~10 other islands of this nation, so I'll say Cebu is worth looking into before cement is poured over all the fast trails and only the true ST riding is left here.

    First and foremost, I'll point at this crowd for Cebu trail raiding and their words here:

    Hi Guys, I'm with a group of locals doing enduro trail/woods riding in the hinterlands of Central Cebu. Our group does two technical trails a week, one on Sunday and the other either Tuesday, Wed, or Thu. Sundays are for guys who work, while Weekday schedule is for retirees or businessmen. Chosen rides are 150 to 250 CC/ 2 or 4 strokes bikes. For safety, proper enduro woods riding gear is a must. If you have the guts and will to try technical trail riding, then drop me a message on my cellphone 09195677461 and I'll give you our trail schedule and meetup point in Talamban Cebu.
    My hat is off to these riders and their fathers (yep time waits for no man or woman) for showing me around Cebu when I first arrived here plus 'Wildman' and the other Filipino riders on another thread here. Make no mistake, these are real trail riders, riding ~raw ST trails, under all++ weather conditions.. About the best and only advice I'll give out is, if it has rained the night or morning before a scheduled, put a new, a new, a new knobby on the rear of your bike before dropping off a ridgeline and into a valley.