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    Central Flea Market thread. Understand the rules before you post.

    Helpful Flea Market Ad Checklist

    Before submitting a post for your item for sale or trade, please take a moment to read through this checklist which summarizes some important Flea Market rules. The checklist is intended to assist you with preparing a complete ad that will best serve you as a seller and the inmates that might be interested in your items. It will also help prevent your post from being removed because it doesn't comply with the Flea Market rules.
    1. Is this item yours? It not, you may not sell it here.
    2. Are there links to outside sales sites? If so, please remove them before posting.
    3. Where is the item located? Please enter the city/state/country where the item is located.
    4. Each item must have a value. If it's for sale, this is what the seller wants for the item. If you'd like to trade, then use the item's trade value. All items MUST have a value.
    5. Pictures and accurate descriptions help sell items. Add sufficient detail and images that a potential buyer will probably want when considering an item.
    6. Are you selling multiple offerings of the same item? If so, your listing may likely belong in Vendors where commercial sales are allowed.
    7. Are you selling firearms, weapons, or related items? These are not permitted in our Flea Market.
    If you're not sure about something, take a closer look at the more detailed Flea Market rules or contact a moderator. Best wishes with your ad!

    Central Transport thread. Offer or seek bike transportation opportunities.

    Central Networking thread. Job and business connections.
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