Central Victoria to Phillip Island

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    Feb 16, 2006
    looking for a smaller house & bigger shed.
    I rode this route in March 2020 (WSBK weekend). Good alternative to the most often used routes further east or the less interesting routes further west.
    All graded road.
    Accommodation at Jamieson pub is basic but clean. $65 for ensuite single. Food was good. The beer I drink was bottled.

    KLOF timber jinkers and mines trucks.

    Only major town was Warburton, the route skips around them otherwise.
    Some fantastic bitumen swervery.
    Some great gravel road - blind right handers being the most interesting due to the normal deep gravel drifts.
    Took me 7 hours for the 300ish km, on a 250 trailie.

    If you come from the north, add the forest roads from Lake Buffalo to Whitfield and then the swervery to Mansfield & Jamieson. See if I can add those sections as this sharing stuff is new to me.

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