Central Wisconsin to Stillwater MN.

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    Sister lives in White Bear Lake. I have a route on 2 lane roads near Milwaukee , but paper maps do not show me 2 lanes to Stillwater Any locals can guide me onto that are interesting? Is 14/61 from Winona to Hastings the road that I may enjoy?
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    Are you looking for good paved stuff?
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    Winona to Hasting on 16 on is nice but you'll deal with TC Traffic to get to White Bear.

    I would recommend, Wisconsin 35 along the Mississippi River takes you to Prescott and then cross the St. Croix River at Hudson. Once across take MN 95 north THROUGH Stillwater to either 12 or 96. Take either west to White Bear Lake. This route is scenic with much less traffic.

    Worthwhile stops: Nelson, WI Nelson Creamery for ice cream and fresh cheeses; Stockholm, WI Stockholm Pie Company; Prescott, WI Muddy Waters Bar and Grill (good place to sit on deck and watch boats); Stillwater, MN The Dock Cafe (another place to sit on deck and watch boats).
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    Once you get up this way, just a few miles south of Stillwater on 95 is this place in Bayport, MN.
    Great food, huge portions at fair rates. Considerably more affordable than the establishments in Stillwater in my opinion.
    They close early, but the bar connected to them also has much of the same menu items and the food is great.

    177 3rd St N, Bayport, MN

    not_just_a cafe.jpg bayport map.jpg
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