Changing my profession to vagabond

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    Completely lost sight of this thread way back in December. Glad it's back on my radar: great pics, thoughtful and interesting perspectives, and one hell of an adventure. Good luck and keep it coming!
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    NoHorizons, reading your trip report / musings / reflections and observations about the life You’ve lived and experienced so far encourages me that your generation is more grounded and open about what can be than I previously thought. I’m on the other side now, having lived my life, pursued my career, and now on the downhill run through retirement. I wish when I was young I had taken a chance to better understand what was around me before charging forward, much like you are doing. Enjoy your time being a vagabond, embrace the unknown that is around the corner, and be open to all possibilities. Best of luck on your adventure, I’m enjoying your writing and photography, and wishing I’d had the courage to do what you are doing at your age.

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