1. CharlieInStLouis

    CharlieInStLouis Been here awhile

    Feb 16, 2014
    You're kidding, right?
    I went back to the doctor last week. My feet are as bad now or worse than before the surgery. I guess the joint damage from the arthritis was just too much. The cheilectomy and microfracture didn't do anything for me. Yeah, I have more movement, but not enough, and when it stops, yeow!
    Doc was surprised I was still in pain, looked at my records, x-rayed my feet, and saw why I'm still in pain. Right foot has no space in the joint. Left foot has even less. So now he wants to do the Cartiva implant. Insurance will now cover it. The problem now is that I'm not so enthusiastic about having foot surgery again. At least not now. My surgery was in August on both feet. And I got no real benefit from it at all. I'm also not in a position right now to take off work for a month. One week my ass! I was off 3 weeks last time. So, we'll see. I'm totally dependant on rigid insoles right now. I glad to hear that some of you have had some good luck with surgery. Cheers!