Chiang Mai, Thailand -- 13-20 December 2018 -- Thai Enduro Tours

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    Nursing two sprained thumbs here in Chiang Mai, I figured I'd put my time to good use and post.

    I had my eye on Thai Enduro Tours ( for several years. A friend had recommended Wolfgang, an Austrian native but many years in Thailand, as an organized, fun, and attentive host. That proved true from the first email exchanges. I had emailed Wolf about my experience level, and he matched me with a suitable group: experienced, cautious riders, aged 40-60ish.

    The tours run six days, are oriented towards dirt riding, and roughly run a loop north of Chiang Mai. My route was Chiang Mai -- Doi Chang -- Fang -- Chiang Dao -- Pai (2 nights) -- and back. Since I took a bad spill on the first day, my days 2, 3, 4, and 6 were strictly on pavement. The one pic I managed to post is the road from Pai to Chiang Mai. These paved roads are absolutely delightful with hundreds of twisties. Though Wolf caters to the off-road adventurists (especially those from Austria and Germany where there is no access to off road trails), don't hesitate to request an exclusive tarmac experience. The roads are in excellent shape, and the rides spectacular. If you enjoy speed, then this is your ride -- my favourite day of riding was behind an experienced German rider, Lutz, a few years my senior, on the drive to Pai -- like watching an artist with his brush.

    The bikes were CRF 250Ls with upgraded exhausts, snorkel kits, EJK Electonrics kits, the front sprockets with one less notch (13 from 14), and the back sprocket one more. The overall power was similar to my stock DRZ-SM 400 SM, but the lower end was significantly more responsive on Wolf's moded CRF. He doesn't have bigger bikes as far as I know, but has a KLX 150 available if needed (the preferred bike of the occasional female rider).

    The hotels were all clean and the beds comfortable. Thai massages were available every night at a modest cost. A huge highlight for me was the food -- God, the food! I was introduced to more new tastes in the last seven days than in the last seven years. Wolf provided breakfast and lunch. We ate as a group each evening, always at a restaurant where Wolf knew the staff and the menu. Even if you knew Thai, and could navigate the menu (english is rarely spoken in the north), you need Wolf to let you know "this place has a great Burmese curry!"

    Over half of Wolf's riders every years are return guests. I highly recommend the ride. I'll be going again.

    I tried posting some pics but only managed to post one. I have some pictures on Facebook ( -- just friend me.

    If you want more info, you can always contact Wolf through his site, or pm me. Cheers, Craig Penney

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