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    Hi Folks,
    our (wife Debbie & I) bike & sidecar combination arrived last Wednesday day at Santiago de Chile airport, having been flown in from the UK. The bike is a 2002 Africa Twin which has been used solo from new, that is up until a few months ago when we had a Ural sidecar fitted by the UK specialist, Watsonian Squire. We're starting to work our way south, having first stopped off in the old port of Valparaiso, and are now a little further south in the surfing capital of Chile, Pichilemu. 20171201_132118.jpg
    The plan is to head to Puerto Montt and thence along the Carretera Austral, and then ride across into Argentina and down to Tierra del Fuego; and then back north to places as the mood takes us. We both have bike licenses so sharing the riding and chairing could be on the cards!
    Tip for Valparaiso - make sure you like doing U-turns on double-camber, very steep, very narrow streets (this is possibly easier on 3 wheels than 2!)
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