Chunder, Chumstick and Chuckleheads...riding WABDR north to south

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    Jul 17, 2015
    Prince Edward Island. Canada
    Do give me me a heads up when you roll this way. My wife retires May next year. That November we roll the weee toy wagon to the beach’s of Baja for the winter. I rather love riding Baja and my wife quite parcel to a beach and the roar of the ocean. During summer 2021 we roll north for Alaska and all that includes. Yes, great many km.. But I am a retired Petepilot. 48 states, 9 provinces, 1 territory, 3 million miles. By the way Alberta favourite province and Texas favourite state. As you likely know Alberta and Texas are much alike in many ways. 130am here I may be abel to sleep, so I’ll give that a try. O how much and how bad was the resent snow fall. How I hate Canadian winter and the misery. One more thing and do remember the best times to be here are June 10-20 and September 10-20. Just before and just after damn tourists. Stay all 10 days and explore on your bike. Rent a small cottage. Hotels are overpriced. Don’t rush thru like most riders do. Stay the 10 days!!! If you like I can help with a cottage rental by talking to riding friends that do rentals. Should be able to get a lower rate for you. I’m rambling, don’t mean too. G, night.
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    Apr 19, 2016
    We're finished digging out of the snow - we received 8" to 12" in Calgary. There was significantly more down towards Lethbridge but it's already started to melt.
    If we're lucky, we'll have another shot at Fall weather before the snow flies again. That would be fun.
    Thanks for the insights re time of year to travel to PEI.
    and...Holy smokes you've racked up some serious miles!