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    Holycrap - man i never realized that was pull tabs - bahah im gonna have to make myself one. awesome spotting - i just never actually clicked on thats what it was made from LOL Too Good!! thanks for posting that.

    Man, i was sure for a minute it wasnt going to happen. So close!
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    Remember that other package my workmates left me? From the pink backpack.


    Back on the road around 6:45 and I was just soaked and cold.. this was the first time I made a conscious decision that I wanted a hotel vs trying to find somewhere to camp and ending up without any options. Man, the signs here.... I’ll be sure to be cautious of whatever the hell they are talking about..

    I headed into downtown Graz about 20 minutes of riding. Once I got downtown I fired up my phone and didn’t even really shop around. 90 euros? It’s really central to downtown and will be good to explore the city from - sure why not. Gotta celebrate!

    I rode to the hotel, there’s a feeling that beats me down more than being cold and wet, it’s being soaked but kind of warm. For some reason it wasn’t very cold in town and sitting in traffic with a hot bike under me from a hella long day was making me feel like I really was earning paying for a hotel.

    I got to the hotel, peeled my gear off. Went in and was told that there were no rooms, I showed them the booking I’d made only half hour ago, some confusion erupted from the folks behind the counter. One of them apologized and said I’m really sorry but we’ve over booked. I wasn’t too bothered. It happens, no big deal I’ll just find somewhere else.. as I say thanks. A woman comes from around the corner and says that they have a sister hotel and she could for sure set me up there if I was ok with that.

    Totally! - she calls from the desk and confirms. Let’s the people know I’m coming then draws me a map, and puts me on my way. I don’t even bother gearing up again I’m about as water logged as I can get. I squelch out of there and hit the road

    10 minutes later I’m on the other side of town and find the hotel. Kinda nice lookin joint and when I walk in the dude at the counter gives me my room key, tells me where I can safely leave my bike and takes me across the street to my room. Super helpful.

    Holy crap. This place is nice! It was huge, the dude apologized again for the mix up when leaving me at my door and said they have security that will be on patrol so don’t worry about my bike.

    This room I can only guess was a lot more expensive than what I paid. Full kitchen , washer and dryer! Jackpot! If there was one day on this trip. Where I needed an in suite laundry. This was the day. Someone looking out for me!!


    I got my stuff al laid out and drying or in the wash. My shoes being the worst contenders. I turned the hair dryer on max and jammed it in my shoe. Took a shower and by the time I was on my second shoe. I realized the entire apartment smelt like hot garbage. Just my rancid ass shoe being cooked - god it was terrible. I’m sorry to the owners of the hotel. But this whole place just stank like salty assed swamp feet. What an asshole!

    I was getting changed into my now dry laundered clothing and I hear a loud POP - ohh shit. Hair dryer ain’t running anymore. Who would’ve thought a hair dryer could run for 50 minutes flat stick?! . Thankfully my shoe was dry and I causually rolled up the hair dryer and placed it back exactly as it was left. No one will be the wiser.

    The evening was setting in and I was really excited to have nothing to do but explore!

    I walked out of the hotel and followed the river

    Found this thing that I thought was art but actually a tunnel to cross the river. Awesome

    Crazy structure but really fun to walk through

    Out the other side and just as I was enjoying being dry and comfortable. My foot gets cold and colder and then. Wtf. My sock is completely soaked..

    Looks like I wore through my damn shoe. So pissed! I didn’t let it stop me and set off to find some a big meal and some beer.



    I followed the river and kinda gravitated where the density of people increased. Lots of cool alleys with bars and restaurants- I was definitely wanting a patio or something outside..
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    I found this one alley with a few places. One joint stood out that seemed very pub-ish. Gotta be the place with some big ass fried schnitzel right?

    I sat down and I ordered a beer. But then then menu came... ohhh shit. It’s a fuckin Mexican joint? Holy crap, this was a poor decision. No schnitzel on the menu... just Mexican food.. I was so hungry I didn’t care. Although disappointed I wasn’t gonna to get the big schnitzel I’d been dreaming of.

    I tried to strategically think what food would they fuck up the least - now this is nothing against the place personally, but growing up in Australia, those guys know how to fuck up Mexican. So I only could assume the same thing here...

    Ok. Cheese enchiladas. That’s about as simple as things can get. Let’s go for it.

    First problem... this is like. Baked into a dish.. this seems like some kind of pie .. oh well.. at least the cheese checks out.. then a couple of bites in...

    Wait... why can I taste peas? What...the fuck?!
    SOB!!! There’s fucking peas and lettuce baked into this godamn pot pie that contains some ingredients relative to a cheese enchilada. Holy shit... only an hour ago I was smelling hot lettuce burning off my hair dried shoes and now I’m eating it.

    I laughed to myself that this is just one of those moments. I couldn’t get geographically further from a Taqueria if I tried. Here I am as far away as possible in the land of Schnitzels and I’m eating hot lettuce and peas that’s been rearranged to pass off as Mexican. “I’ll take another giant beer!”

    At least I felt full.. off for more exploring!
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    When I saw the hair dryer in the shoe I thought "that's gonna stink". Suppose I was right. Thanks for the laugh!
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    I wandered around just following the alleys and non vehicles accessible roads.



    I found myself on the other side of town, this place really reminded me of San Francisco without the hills.

    Stumbled upon this joint and hung out for a minute, small place with only 3 people in it. Chatted for a while over a few beers and then decided to head out for some more exploring. They suggested I check out this on place that was about a mile away, I got nothin else to do, so why not!

    I followed the directions through lots of empty and now not even lit streets, they described a sign that I wouldn’t be able to miss.


    Found it!

    I’m the true theme of my trip. Every thing was just so quiet.

    I walked into an alcove under the sign and it took me to an alley


    Then I noticed a sign right above me that id completely not seen the first time

    Ok found it, still no sound or a person in sight however?

    Through a tunnel

    Then round the corner, a staircase.. ok this is kinda rad..

    I can hear something now. But it’s really muffled

    Steel blast doors? Ok..

    I’m walking through these tunnels. Door after door. A turn here a couple steps there. Wtf is this place..

    Ok maybe it’s bar after all...

    I get dead ended .. there’s fencing all around just blocking off the tunnels. I’m standing there and I go to turn back from where I came, and this dude steps in front of me he says something and I can’t understand it, “bar? Beers? “. “are you lost my friend?” He says in English... “yes. Is there a bar down here..”. He holds up a cigarette and points me towards one of the fences.

    He opens the fence and then says “that way”. But then he goes a different way.. ok. I’m thinking... this is where tourists get murdered...

    I continue along through more tunnels and empty rooms. Wtf is this place..



    The sound is getting louder. But I still don’t see any people..

    Then I come to this - ok, yep, this is a an absolute tourist murder location. Where the fuck am I? Some old bunker under Gratz? What is this place..
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    The music was getting louder and I rinsed the. Corner. I don’t know what I expected by this time. But what I didn’t expect..

    Was 4 people on a couch playing Mario Kart. I just about died laughing. There was less than 10 people down here. Finally I see the bar. The lady held up a bottle of beer and with a suggested nod cracked off the cap and set it down for me. I walked up to the bar and took my beer, then was engaged in conversation with the folks. After asking how I found the place and what I was doing here. Everyone was stoked about it and couldn’t believe I’d come so far and started buying me Shots of Jaeger


    Spent a decent amount of time taking with everyone about the city and what it’s like living here, everyone was hilariously stoked that I came just for the Schwarzenegger museum.

    Some dude gives me a pack of smokes and buys me more Jaeger -

    The place started to fill up around 1am. Lots of people kept introducing me to other people.

    A girl asked me to join her and and her friends in the most intense series of Foosball games I’ve ever played.

    Beers and drinks kept just flying in and all of my new found friends now knew my obsession with Schwarzenegger films and just began screaming movie quotes while we played game after game of Foosball. Unforgettable.

    The music was awesome, the atmosphere was fantastic and the company was second to none. These people were just amazing bunch of fun kids.

    The place was now shoulder to shoulder and it was 4am!! Holy shit. I have to ride somewhere tomorrow.. I think. I thanked all my new friends for the good times and stories, they one by one they all asked if I needed a place to stay, weed, hard drugs and even one dude offered me a place to his knowledge where there are “clean women”. I was cracking up.

    Man. You Austrians are the most hospitable people ever, this was a night to remember, but I had to stumble my drunk ass and my soaked left foot back to the hotel so I could be on the road.

    I will not forget the kind folks I met here, everyone was just straight up out to have a good time and were willing to make sure I was a part of it in any way they possibly could. I was astounded when my tab came to only a couple bucks. Love you guys!

    I was able to walk back to the hotel the entire way down the middle of the street being so early in the morning. Was kinda neat.

    3 hours of shitty drunken sleep and time to roll out. I was just finished up loading my gear. This dude walking by with some groceries asked me where I was headed. I told him the story and he was so excited for me, he said he was in the army and would love to have me over for coffee and welcome me to his country. I would’ve been all over this had it been yesterday evening but unfortunately gotta hit the road. Just another sign of Austrians being awesomely welcoming. Much love to you sir. But I’m in search of a shoe without a hole in it.

    It was still raining but I’d located a Harley dealer on the other side of the city. Perfect, maybe I’ll actually get a pair of shoes that I should’ve started my trip with.

    My hangover had completely set in by now and I was feeling like ass, I went in made a b line to the shoe area and found something that looked rainproof-ish.

    Naturally the woman working at a Harley store in Austria was gorgeous, I asked her why she wasn’t headed to Prague for the big event she said she was working all weekend. I bought a fresh pair of socks also and threw my current shoes and socks in the stores trashcan. The girl said she always wanted to come to San Francisco, I offered her to look me up if she did... hey. I’m just returning that Austrian hospitality!

    New socks, new dry warm shoes and a new Austrian friend. My hangover somehow had disappeared and I was feeling great!

    Did I mention this place also had a bar and restaurant?! Crazy!

    Where to go? I just want out of this weather. North is garbage. And west looks like the storm is headed there. The only place that was reporting sun was Italy! Why not? Let’s do it.

    My girlfriend had sent me a text, saying it didn’t matter what direction I head from where i was right now... since either way would essentially get me closer.

    I had that stupid thought. Man. If only I planned ahead a bit more and took more time off. It seemed so achievable to just keep going east and actually go around the world. Reality was far from the case but kinda neat just looking at the little blip I was on the map. Fun stuff.

    I hit the Autobahn hoping to make some time and get out of this weather.. I justified not missing anything when it’s raining and I have a dogged up helmet. I got into a tunnel, that was hella long. Like miles.. man it was so warm in there. Compared to the ice rain outside. I pulled over and took a piss, then just soaked up the gross warm air before getting back into it.. any direction as long as it’s south...
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    LOL i said it to myself when i started to do it... i just thought it would smell...a little. But what i didnt expect was the eye watering hellscape that was 8000 miles of foot filth vaporizing in my room :rofl
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    I was East Bound on A2 which was about to start heading south and stopped for gas in

    Saw some concerning snacks... I wondered how both bread and meat could stay on a room temperature shelf before it tasted like hammered-ass, I’ll pass!

    I just couldn’t get warm. It was so freaking cold the whole time since I left Graz. Wind was cutting through me and my gloves were soaked running water up my sleeves.

    I went in to this place to grab a hot coffee and try thaw out for a minute

    Checking the weather still proved that Prague was a bad idea and Italy is my best bet.

    I looked down and my bike and felt satisfied that even though I was waterlogged. My feet were warm and dry. That was more than enough to keep on rollin.

    About two hours later the rain had seemed to die off and I was able to ditch my wet gear with the hopes to get a few miles under me that would air dry the clothes I was wearing

    I also experienced my first payed public bathroom? What in the world is this hell?

    I spotted this Awesome looking lake off highway 82 in Tibitsch, I gotta get down there and check it out..
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    I'm enjoying every post. Keep it coming dude.
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    I made my way down through the town of Krumpendorf

    This town was just stunning. It looked like a little model railway set. Everything was so perfect.

    I had a tea hard time getting to the lake. Everywhere seemed to be private property where houses were between the street and the lakefront. I did after looking for some time find one little footpath to get down and check it out.

    Just perfection. So quiet down here.

    I hung out for 15 minutes or so just soaking it up and then headed back to the bike

    Back on the A2 the weather wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t raining. Just wet roads. I pulled off at this rest stop in Villiachto take a leak.

    Austrian bathroom labeling checks out, this is the first Austrian word I understand!

    Italy! I’m back! - this was on A23 just across the border. The weather wasn’t looking great but it was worse behind me.

    I stopped for gas and food in Campiolo

    Classic Italian salami and butter sandwich.

    I also bought a muffin thing as I wanted to get some sugar into me, one bite and the thing exploded with Nutella. Wtf Europe. Why is there so much Nutella in everything? It’s like Surprise injected into every baked good ever. Still tasted great though.

    I hit the road and burned up my next tank of gas getting south, the weather was clearing up, the temperature was warm but the day was getting later.

    That Nutella bomb shook something loose, about an hour later I had to lay some furious cable. Pulled off at this gas station and went in to rip their bathroom a new one.

    Once I hit the can I noticed this weird ass metal grate. Then out of nowhere a wave of water washes under me. What is the purpose of this? Is this so people don’t have to mop the floor? It seems wasteful but maybe it’s recycled water. Either way I was confused about the intention of this setup, especially since it’s a public restroom there’s always that one guy with his asshole between his shoulder blades who manages to get shit everywhere other than the bowl. I just can’t see a hygienic advantage when someone is waffle stomping their Nutella muffin aftermath through a metal grate that you can’t then clean the inside or underside of? Not my problem I guess!

    So here I am in Gonars. It’s about 5pm and
    I need to figure out what I’m doing tonight.. I really really still want to camp somewhere. Tonight has gotta be the night. I was feeling a little tired so jacked myself up with a red bull and figured I’ll just keep heading east through the towns and I’m sure I’ll stumble upon something rural enough where I can lay out for a while.

    I continued eating up miles on the freeway east bound until something of interest would pop out at me. I guess the problem is here most towns and such sprawl outward from freeways so there wasn’t much gap between towns. Just a constant sprawl of suburbs. I bailed off the freeway here in Ronchis and saw some AG farmland. Looked around a few backroads and was quite happy with my spot.

    But now. The classic situation that always undoes me. Do I crash out here, and waste another 3 hours of daylight and travel and exploring or keep going and maybe I’ll find the perfect spot. This has never worked well yet since I’ve been in Europe but the place is too charming to write off going to sleep and not being on the road. Fuckit! Let’s keep heading east..
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    What a great story. I can relate since I’ve traveled these same areas. Been over to Europe 4 times for 6 to 12 weeks each time and this is how I travel. It’s the best way to experience Europe. Love the people.
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    Nice! How's the scoot growling along?

    Pay toilets in a Burger Thing?
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    You turned down hard drugs and clean women at the tourist murder hole? lol
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    Great adventure and great report, glad you are posting again.
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    I wound up in Mirano and decided to top up. Man after 6pm you’re lucky if anything is open. This gas station looked like a ghost town.

    I’d been doing pretty good at deciphering gas pumps/colors and descriptors for majority of this trip. Until now..

    So is it Gas or is it Diesel? Holy crap I’m not taking that risk.

    I wanted to take a leak so I pushed my bike away from the pump, I’m not sure why I didn’t fire it up, but when I started pushing it I could hear rhythmic clunk with every step.

    Trying to figure out what was up I checked all the obvious and then non obvious. But I couldn’t still pinpoint it. Bike started shifted and freewheeled fine. What the hell is this sound..

    I took my helmet off and stated really looking.
    Dang horn bracket had snapped clean off. On closer inspection I could see why. This thing was 3 times as long as it needed to be and that many miles of vibration was sure to break it. I unplugged it and decided if I passed a gas station or workshop that had tools I’d see if I could borrow a drill and put a new mounting hole in this ever so long bracket for a simple fix. But I’d have to be really bored to bother seeking this out.

    Still eastbound just trying to get somewhere that didn’t look where I was, flat and urban.
    I hit this place that’s like a bridge over the freeway. I guess makes sense for accessibility from both sides and no need for overpasses for cars.

    The stores are strange by design, they are a maze that Corals you to the cash register at the very end. But it makes sure you don’t walk past a single shelf or item without it being in your reach.

    I’d gotten really hungry all of a sudden so I figured I’d get something in to me on the chance that my perfect camp spot was nearing.

    Can confirm - Gas Station Pizza in Italy, tastes exactly like Gas Station Pizza everywhere else... unsatisfying.

    The air was warm and the pavement was hot. Kinda nice to lay on actually. So I just sat around for probably half an hour enjoying not being cold or wet. It was good. The entire time I was here this dude was trying to polish out a scratch or something in the hood of his car.

    And just like that. Nightfall and here I am without a place to camp.. again. I wasn’t stoked on anywhere I’d been yet, I needed to get away from this freeway. But nothing looked appealing on the map. I convinced myself since it’s getting dark just roll east for another tank of gas and maybe I can just tuck away behind a building since everything gets so quiet at night.

    A tank of gas down and I wind up at yet an identical place. But now I’m in Erbusco.
    It reminded me of that Twilight Zone episode - Stoppver in a Quiet town. Where they escape on the train and it comes back to the same town. Centerville.

    It was getting late, and I was coming up with nothing. I’m sure I’ll be able to just crash in an industrial area if I can find one... the next big city form me is Bergamo. I figured there’s probably my something that would catch my eye from the freeway on the outskirts of town.

    Then I thought shit. I bet there’s a Harley shop there. Not knowing Italy’s laws for sleeping anywhere I’d probably buy myself a chance if I just slept near a shop and be able to talk my way out of it if cops showed up.

    Easy! - looks like there’s a Harley store right in Bergamo - time to use the GPS. I put an earphone in and rolled with it.

    View attachment 1444990
    Almost 2 hours later... “you have arrived”
    I’m pretty sure I’m not at the Harley dealer and shit, coming down this alley at 1am is not going to buy me any friends. Holyshit this bike was loud - apologies to all the folks who were sleeping in the buildings!

    Ok. Screw gps. I look at the map and figure I’m now 40 minutes the wrong way but it seems easy to get to.

    An hour later and some on ramp off ramp fuckery. Including a toll booth guy telling me that he has to charge me the maximum because I didn’t have a ticket for the 8th mile I did in one direction.

    He explained in his best English that I need to go into the city tomorrow and pay 50 euros to some head office, and gave me a handed me a slip of the bill I was due to pay. I nodded and he lifted the gate for me. As I waved to him I casually I dropped the ticket out of the same hand and pinned it.

    I’ll follow your rules and pay your tolls but I’m not paying 50 euros to go an 8th mile in the wrong direction.

    Finally I make it to where I’ve decided I’m sleeping before even seeing it.

    Turned out to be a pretty nice joint. It was about 2:30 in the morning and just starting to get cold.

    I pulled the bike close to a wall and crashed out between it. The heat off the bike kept me warm for a good hour. I woke about 5 am and was able to get back to sleep for another hour. Then just started feeling sore.

    The light woke me up and I was able to bury back into my jacket for an hour till about 7:30.

    I was woken up by the sound of roller doors opening in the shop. One of the workers waved at me as he walked by and just let me be.

    My phone started ringing - since I was connected to the stores WiFi. It was my girlfriend face timing since she’d seen my blue dot at the shop she wanted to know if the bike was ok. But when I answered. It was apparent to her that I’d been sleeping and she just woke me up. She gave me shit that I was looking about as Hobo as she’d ever seen.

    I guess she was right!

    I’d heard a few bikes pull up around the front of the shop so I decided to get up and check out what was going on... man that warm sun coming down. Even laying on concrete it just felt good. I could’ve slept there for hours.

    Turns out there was a Lot of bikes out front. I think they were meeting up to all go on a ride.

    The storefront wasn’t open for another 45 minutes and I wanted coffee, as last night I pictured myself being able to wake up and probably pilfer some of theirs but I didn’t feel like waiting around.

    I saw a strip mall on my way in only a mile away so I took off down there to grab something to eat

    Perfect! I’ll take a giant Coffee and anything without Nutella please!
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    I ended up hanging outside and while there two dudes pulled up who’d just dropped on of their bikes off at the dealer.

    We BS’d over coffee about the area and such and they asked if I’d been to a Lake that was near by yet, I said no but I would take up their offer as I had no plans and it was according to them about 45 minutes away. Sweet!

    We split from the bakery and then I was rolling past the dealer again and there was an abundance of bikes parked out front now, I thought screw it I might aswel check it out. I got time and no where to be.

    Once I pulled back in. This lovely girl who worked there asked where I was from and said they realized I’d stayed over last night and asked if I needed any help. I said I was fine but she said they could look over the bike for me, then offered me all sorts of coffee and food. I was fine and the bike was fine but I’m still remembering what I learned on the road so far and that’s to never turn down any generous offer.

    I rolled the bike in and walked around the showroom.

    First time I’d seen one of these new fat boys. Man that license plate bracket has got to go!

    I walked back to the service area and there was someone actually working on my bike. Shit! I hope he’s not installing a new horn! I still have mine!

    They wheeled it out and none could speak much English except the girl, and one of the guys pointed to my oil pressure sender wire. Remember back in Georgia when I actually looked for that part. Well these guys fixed it for free and put a nice shielding over the wire they all shook my hand and were excited about how far I’d come.

    The girl asked if she could take my picture out front of the Store, and then posted it on the shops Instagram

    I think they got the translation wrong becuase my total miles on the bike were 21k not my trip meter. Or maybe it just said that I smelt like I’d been on the road for 21k miles. Either way fantastic people and just love how welcoming everyone is.

    My new friends from the coffee shop who told me about the lake Luca and Cris asked for a picture before I rolled out and we are still in touch today. I hope they will come over someday to visit.

    Back on the road and I was north east bound to Lake Ieso. This was coming through Zandobbio and now I was really experiencing that small town Italian charm. Just gorgeous

    A small surface road called via Selva took me to the next town...Selva. Man this was just a fantastic ride!!

    Lots of hill climbs, switch backs.

    and narrow roadways

    So good! Every mile was just better than the next!
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    Down into Foresto Sparso I gassed up and this was the kind of riding I had for the rest of the way to the lake. So rad!

    I continued to lose all the elevation I’d gained over the last 30 miles or so and sure enough as promised by my new friends. This was definitely worth the trek. Wow. Why does Italy consistently have the nicest roads right along side giant lakes? This stuff is just phenomenal.

    Perfect weather, perfect location, perfect bike.. I was sitting here just soaking it up. So nice to just be cruising again and exploring.

    Then my phone rings.. Holy shit, it’s my mate best mate Chris, from Paris. Remember how we discussed meeting up at the HR Giger Museum in Switzerland? Well... that’s Today!!

    He’s boarding his flight to Geneva then taking a bus from there. He’s expected to be in town by 4pm and Here I am goofing off at some lake in Italy.

    I begrudgingly gps’d Gruyeres just to get an idea of how far away it was.. oh not bad 250 miles away, that’s a 4.5 hour roll.. add in piss breaks and dicking around I can be there by 5pm easy. No sweat.

    That’s the cool as shit thing about Europe. One minute you’re hanging on a lake in Italy then your best mate from Australia calls and you’re headed to Switzerland to hang out in a castle.
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    What a cool ride report! Sleeping rough next to a Harley shop = brilliant!! You are really meeting some super-nice folks along the way! Thanks again for letting us hang with you on your journey!
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    It just gets better and better. :clap
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    I'm still lurking and still digging the RR. Thanks again for taking the time and effort to post up. I like the way you roll. Keep it up dude.
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