Coast to Coast Monsters and Movies on a Dyna and beyond...

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    Aug 18, 2015
    Nor. Cal
    I kind of made a bee line as fast as I could for the first half of the trek. As it looked like I’d hit some cool mountain areas. And I’d prefer to spend my time there.

    I took the A4 all the way east through Milano and then hooked it north on the A4 with just gas and water stops.

    My next gas stop was in Chatillon which even though still on the A5 was a really nice ride. Followed a bit river the mountains were closing in, I came back to my bike with a big puddle under it. Shit! Oh wait... it’s just that big can of emergency beer I’ve had for 2 days that finally exploded.

    North East along Highway SS27 near San Leonardo. Time to slow my roll and start soaking up what’s left of Italy. Man just gorgeous!!!

    This road was so good, obvious from all the bikes I started seeing. I pulled up at some road works. There was about 5 or 6 dudes on dirt bikes. I started chatting to one guy next to me, “ya we come all way from Germany!!” I gave him the thumbs up. Then the guy directly in front of me moved aside and then I saw this..

    Holy shit, you guys really are from Germany, I was dying laughing. I said “is that fucker full?” One guy laughed and said “not for long”. Man everyone’s bikes were loaded with gear and old mate up front just rocking a dang pony keg.

    The lights went green and I blasted off in front.
    Much love to you guys I hope you had an awesome and safe trip, thanks for the laugh!

    North into Switzerland on Route 21 and wow that is just a phenomenal ride. Not to mention the perfect weather. Just outstanding!!

    Switchback roads for days!!

    In to Bulle and headed for Gruyere!

    Just outside of Gruyere. Switzerland has the amazing skill of whatever direction you’re headed, there’s always something good to look at..
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    Aug 18, 2015
    Nor. Cal
    I cut through town and climbed a hill, there was a bunch of parking and your busses. Screw it im on a bike. I ripped up to the very front as far as a vehicle could go. Now this is a parking spot.

    Just as I hopped off some cop lookin dude said I couldn’t park there. After some confusion that I only spoke English. He was nice enough and explained if he let me park there. Everyone else would. Fair point. It’s a nice Vista, and no need to clutter it with bikes. I convinced the guy to let me unload my gear before parking back down the hill to save lugging all my shit. He was totally fine with that.

    Just as I’d ditched all my shit on the ground i look up and there’s my mate Chris. “Fuck you can hear that bastard all the way up at the castle” he laughed. Good timing! I asked him to stand by my gear while I ran my bike back down the hill.

    He snapped this picture.

    I ran back up and walked through the smallish narrow entrance. Chris had already been in town for an hour or so and got the hotel checked in and sorted out.

    We rounded the corner and then holy crap.
    This place is awesome. Old ass cobblestone town. Bars and restaurants lined the street all the way up to the main castle.

    It was 5pm now and I ditched my stuff in the room and we headed straight to the Hr Giger museum as it was closing in an hour.

    We made it!! Killer. I’d avoided looking at pictures online at this place. For the sake of getting the full experience. What was awesome, is seeing the sculpture to the right. That was based off an early painting of his called “Birth Machine” which I’ve had a poster of since I was a teenager. Just so awesome.

    His designs and art is just absolutely something from the future.

    Even the ground, covered in these amazing tiles.

    We hoofed it inside and noted the No Photographs allowed sigh. Understandably so! We spend the next hour wandering around looking at all the amazing art and sculptures. Just so awesome, 3 stories of the craziest shit you’ve ever seen and some downright awesome furniture!

    Walking back out of the museum as it was closing “holy shit, that was a lot of dicks!” We busted up laughing. If you are familiar with Gigers works you’ll know, it is in fact.. a lot of dicks. But just a fantastic artist who is absolutely on another planet. So amazing

    The time has come. Over 10 years ago me and Chris worked together on a grueling project and we had heard about the HR Giger bar, in Switzerland. I still remember the conversation we had saying that someday we’d have to go here.

    Well today was that day. We were so pumped and really couldn’t believe it, especially in the context of where things were at for us both currently.

    And here we are! Somehow planets aligned and we got this place all to ourselves. Unfreaking believable!
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    Aug 18, 2015
    Nor. Cal
    Ordered up some beers and scoped the place out

    Unplanned awesomeness - on my hat is a Patch from the Nostromo crew. For those that don’t know.. The Nostromo is the SpaceShip from The first Alien film, HR Giger was the designer for the Alien creature.
    These are the kind of coincidences that happen when you’re a movie nerd.

    We closed it out with a couple cocktails that looked cooler than they tasted and set off to get some dinner.

    We ate a bunch of melted cheese that was pretty freakin awesome. It’s like this grilling thing that heats the cheese at your table and you scrape it onto bread and food. So good!!!

    We wandered around the town and strangely everyone had disappeared.

    We hit a couple hotel bars then hit our hotel bar and found it has a back patio..
    Not a bad view!

    Our hotel bar closed and we went in search of anywhere else. We found the last place and there was one couple from Holland who were out looking for the last open watering hole.

    The owner kept the place open for us and we closed down the city. All the lights were down and it was just the 4 of us outside at a table BSing about movies as that’s pretty much all me and My mate ever talk about.

    But yeah the place really shut down into darkness all around us. Awesome night and an awesome experience.
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    Mar 6, 2012
    preciate the continuation and way you express your experiences in words and photos. including the humbly composed selfies. the one above being a great example.

    i've been tuning in since the begining and have wondered your dogs name? inspired by a film?
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    Aug 18, 2015
    Nor. Cal
    Up and out in the morning we had to hit the Giger bar one more time since they served coffee.

    I had a guitar pick in my wallet from my good mates band and he loves all things Giger, so I looked all over the place and found the perfect hiding spot

    This hole in the wall.

    I reached in as far as I could. It was pretty deep! And was able to leave his pick and sent him a picture he got a good laugh out of it.

    Chris had to grab a bus to catch his flight back to Paris and we discussed when I’d be back in Paris. What I’d realized now last night after looking at my return flight details that I needed to drop my bike off a full day earlier. Since my Paris to Vancouver flight was non direct they needed to get my bike on an earlier flight that would take the bike. This meant I lose a whole day of riding. I was a little bummed that I didn’t I finally had a somewhat very concrete schedule.

    I decided it just hook it back to Paris tonight and then take the bike over to the airport the next day. And spend my last day and night just exploring the city on foot.

    We went our separate ways and I planned to be back at Chris’ house by that evening

    The coffee kicked in and I had to take a dump. Might aswel be at the HR Giger Museum. Always on the hunt for some good bathroom humor, leave it to the HR Giger Museum bathroom writings to be hella deep...

    I left the castle and down into town to gas up.

    I knew I could be in Paris in a few hours if I really pinned it but I still had the day. There was a giant lake on the map an hour or so away. The wrong direction but still thought it would be worth checking out.

    Lake Annecy. Wow!

    It was a pretty warm afternoon so I hung out for a while. I was really lethargic and took a nap in the dirt under the sun. Quite nice.

    I was going to go for a swim but remembered where my shorts were.. at the absolute bottom of my bag. This should never stop me from swimming in a lake I may never see again. But right there at that time and moment. It did. Lazy asshole.
    Nice view though.
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    Jan 26, 2012
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    Awesome alien museum and trip!

    "Nice night for a walk"
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    Aug 18, 2015
    Nor. Cal
    Thanks man! - i just wish i had more time to bang this out in one sitting..

    Wow man you must have seen some stuff! That is excellent!! What an AWESOME adventure that must be... i can only imagine the amount of stuff you see in that kind of timeframe. Theres just no end of directions or options to go that all lead to more greatness. Very cool!

    Yeah all public restrooms seem to be pay at these big freewayside locations... Bike is running Like a swiss watch! (i guess because i was in Switzerland) ha yeah its been purring along just fine, loving it!

    HAHA - yeah man when you put it like that... that really makes it more enticing! lolol

    Thanks man - wish i could get more posted per sitting.

    Glad you're enjoying it, yeah i really lucked out on all the kind folks ive met along the way, just fantastic people!


    Thanks for following along the whole way.

    Thanks so much! - yeah im not really one for pointless selfies. Actually he's named after another Dog that id previously fallen in love with, Keshonee Bear - was an old American Akita of my Aunts, just a wonderful old soul. This guy i got when he was 10 months old, as an owner surrender, and old Keshonee was long Gone, so he's replacing the void. I will never own another breed of dog, they are just the best, loyal one man creatures out there.

    HAA Nice Night for a walk! "i think this guys a couple cans short of a six pack!" :jack

    Trying to keep em rollin!! Cheers
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    10 Months bad sledding, 2 Months construction
    HR Giger also did the cover art for ELP's Brain Salad Surgery. Bought that record when it was first released. Great album and great artwork! Man, you hit some cool spots! Brilliant!
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    Jul 20, 2007
    jaw ja
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    Leaving the pick in the hole in the wall is classic..... The things you find important to record as part of your ride report (pay toilets, etc.) are what makes it great. Love it:beer
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    fantastic adventure!!!!!!
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    The Bluegrass

    I've been away from reading your report since you left Canada . Anyway I'm catching up and since you went up Stelvio Pass , here's a Fatboy that was at the top when my son and I rode through.
    Unlike you though , we rode down the other side . Before going to Europe I poured over our route and studied Google maps for twists to throw in. We were on an Edelweiss tour so basically stayed with the guides , but , there's a road off the Stelvio pass road that heads into Switzerland , so we went in a few miles.


    Here's my son , his comment about Switzerland ? "Looks a lot like Italy ."
    A side note , this road we're on is called Umbrailpass and if we had followed it we would have connected with 28 in Santa Maria Val Mustair , Switzerland , just down the road from where you turned off on 27.
    Man , I'd love to go back with a lot more time , but , as long as I'm farming my summers are full .
    So , I'm enjoying seeing more of Europe through your pics. Where to next year ?
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    I've been enjoying your RR, man you have the greatest Devil-May-Care attitude and a terrific sense of humor. Thanks for all the effort you put in to write and photo your travels. It's a lot of work to keep writing up your journey, mucho appreciated!
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    Totally digging the report! This one’s a classic
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    More needed immediately. :D
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    Lake of the Ozarks

    Pretty cool to see the Brumley gas station in your pics, i live there at the lake of the ozarks and travel that same road pretty frequently that you were on on my KLR or Vstar. I also work at the airports there and the A10s do lots of low passes and training here, mostly because were right in between whiteman airforce base and fort leonardwood. Really enjoying this RR
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    Aaaannnnd I’m caught up!

    Pretty friggin epic:clap

    Pretty friggin JEALOUS :lol3

    Nicely played Sam :thumb

    Carry on from Down Here