COBDR Rally - Front Range Dual Sport Riders

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    COBDR Rally -
    The COBDR Rally is a fairly simple concept. The rally consists of checkpoints located along the COBDR route. In order to be considered a finisher of the event, each team of 3 riders each, must be present at each of these required checkpoints within a two hour window. Photo documentation with your 3 Rider Team and Team Flag is required to collect points.
    No consideration is given for bad weather (riders can expect to ride through rain, sleet, snow, severe thunderstorms and dust). Temperature extremes routinely run 100 degrees or more in the desert sections and below freezing in the higher elevations, in living up to the name, "World's Toughest Amateur Off-Road Motorcycle Team Competition", the COBDR route starts at “the 4 corners of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico” and runs thru the extreme cold at the tops of several mountain peaks in Colorado and finishes at the Colorado/Wyoming border.
    Riders have the option of boosting their standings in an attempt to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal by visiting optional bonus destinations located along the route. "Bonus Hunting" as it is called, can be both fun and mentally devastating. Where else in the world would riders have to ride 700 miles Off-road in 5 days, while trying to find odd places ... only on the COBDR Rally.
    Rally supporters are encouraged to visit checkpoints. The best time to visit a checkpoint is approximately two hours before riders are due until about 45 minutes after riders may leave. If your time is limited, we recommend stopping by twenty minutes before riders leave the checkpoint. At that time, riders are eagerly awaiting the next leg's bonus listing. When it is handed out, watch maps fly open as competitors determine which route and what bonuses to attempt while still praying to make it to the next checkpoint in time.
    Teams of 3 Riders each will be divided into 5 Classes of motorcyles:
    1. All team bikes 400 cc and under
    2. All bikes 400 cc up to 600 cc
    3. All bikes 600 cc up to 800 cc
    4. All bikes 800 cc to 1000 cc
    5. All bikes 1,000 cc and above
    Team Entry Fee: $150
    Team Jerseys & Names encouraged.
    All checkpoints must be documented by all 3 riders together along with the Team Flag in a time stamped photo.
    Scoring will be determined by the organizer and will be final, no appeals.
    There will be a 30 team maximum in the first year's event.
    Teams will depart every 3 minutes, starting position by lottery.
    Gold, Silver & Bronze medal in each of the five classes, based on # of points scored.
    First 30 Teams registered and paid by April 15 will participate in the First Annual COBDR Rally.

    Day 1: 4 Corners to Telluride

    Day 2: Telluride to Lake City

    Day 3: Lake City to Buena Vista

    Day 4: Buena Vista to Gypsum

    Day 5: Gypsum to Wyoming

    Must obey all laws and regulations.

    Distance between gas stops may be up to 200 miles.

    Here is the route and planning, packing, website:

    Here is the website for registration and volunteers:
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    August 15th to 19th are the dates correct?