Colemanfu's Colorado Dirt Bike & Brew Tour 2019

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    Recognized Hartman Rocks....:D MTB'd there myself a few times and also rode my 1150 GSA there.... It was always nice to meet other motorcyclists who stopped/ slowed down like you did. I also encountered assholes who didn't however....:bluduh Flag-Bear-Reno is one multi-use trail that has been destroyed in parts by motorcycles roosting the trails and creating more erosion than otherwise would happen...
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    Little late to the party.....Just read thru the whole report. I gotta say.....your report is one of the best, great videos, pics and tellin us about the adventure!! Thanks for sharing with us!!
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    Thanks for the kind words @dano619 . I really appreciate hearing how my dirt bag summer life style inspires other ADV'ers to get out there and maximize life. Cause ya know, life is short and we'll be dead soon!

    I've already started my planning for summer 2020. 2 massive changes.

    1. Annie is goin with me 100%. I really missed my girl this summer (wife not so much :evil) and that $500 kennel bill was painful ha!

    I know it will hamper riding some but much like Alaska 18 I'll work around it. It brought me so much joy to have her as a travel buddy.
    That and she loves that single track stoke!

    2. I'm going to Idaho also know as "Ride -aho"!
    It really feels like I'm starting all over but just like I tell the team - get comfortable being uncomfortable!
    We've already pick the Teton Balloon Festival in Driggs Idaho for 4th of July.

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