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Colorad Backcountry Discovery Route Summer 2013 Video

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by Timshel80, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Timshel80

    Timshel80 n00b

    Apr 27, 2013
    Hello adventure riders! Are we ready for spring yet! This winter has been brutal but, while being holed up inside longing for warmer days, I finally got motivated to sift through the media of my 2013 CBDR trip. This was my first adventure ride and definitely one of the coolest things I have done! I had a blast reliving the experience while making this video and wanted to share with some people who could appreciate it!

    This was 2 week trip and I covered a lot of miles with the ride through Kansas. No trailering! Just me and my KLR 650! I entered the CBDR in the Steamboat Springs area and headed south to Silverton and ran Pikes Peak on the way back. I had planned to do the RMAR at the south end of the trail to cap off the trip but wasn’t able to make it in time.

    For anyone that may be planning their first trip, here are some takeaways, tips, and mistakes for you to laugh at!

    -Pack lighter, I knew this going in but was still too heavy for the KLR to easily run up the passes. I dropped the bike in one spot where I had to strip off luggage to lift it back up!

    -Plan a day or 2 with some white water rafting or just relaxing. It’s hard to do when you want to see as much of the trail as possible but don’t pack so much in that you can’t enjoy it. Riding all day, setting up camp and sleeping in a tent can take a toll, especially when the body is not used to it!

    -Another note on camping, if you don’t sleep that well and are not used to camping you may want to plan for sleeping in hotels. There was usually one not too far off from each entrance/exits of the CDBR trail segments. Personally, I loved the experience of camping in the mountains, but I had to switch it up every other day with a hotel so I could get a good nights rest.

    -Bring the extra clutch cable! After I kept seeing the recommendation on different ADV posts I decided to buy one for the trip the day before leaving, and it really saved my ass as I had to replace it in Steamboat Springs. I also had to replace a bent shift peddle due to dropping the bike, luckily I was near a big town when that happened and a local motorcycle shop had a replacement on hand, easy fix.

    Working out these monkey wrenches in my trip really helped boost my confidence as an adventure rider but this next awesome moment in my life, not so much…

    -Never put your travel propane tanks in cheap soft saddlebags! During the ride, the right saddlebag shifted and rested on the muffler, caught fire, exploded and somewhere in Kansas I shit my pants!! Haha! Honestly, I thought my back tire blew out before pulling over and realizing what happened. Luckily no one was around except some cattle to get pelted by the miscellaneous tools in that case! Searching around the cow field, I managed to find and salvage the spare tire tubes and luckily the spare clutch cable I would be needing in Steamboat!!

    Hope you enjoy the video and thanks to all you guys and gals who share your knowledge and experience through these forums! It really helped me prepare!

    Here is the URL to the video on Youtube:

  2. Todd157k

    Todd157k Long timer Supporter

    Aug 14, 2012
    Ventura, CA
    Looks like you had a great time. We are just opposites when it comes to making the videos. My are laboriously long.. and I leave in far too much mundane riding.. but I figure people can always skip around.
    We did it in 2017 and had a blast. So far, it was our favorite. Hard to beat that kind of scenery and trails.
  3. The Breeze

    The Breeze Been here awhile

    Dec 9, 2010
    The Rockies
    Nice Vid !!:beer
  4. eakins

    eakins Butler Maps

    May 29, 2002
    Fort Collins, Colorado