Colorado Discovery Route... sectional tracks

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    You can use BaseCamp or RideLeader to break the track points up into manageable sections but with almost all the new Garmin devices allowing 10,000 track points and up to 200 tracks maybe it is just time to break down and buy a new device. I finally did..I got an Etrex 20 for $160, popped in a 16 gig micro SD card and now have loaded all the free topo maps and tracks I want. I know am cheap..but I always been that way!:wink:
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    So I'm doing the COBDR next month, and am having some GPS confusion with the tracks.

    I downloaded the tracks, and imported them to BaseCamp. There, I inverted all 6 sections (running it North to south), and used the "create an Adventure"
    feature to drag and drop each day into its own adventure (or route, track, I dunno the terminology...) breaking it up into 6 days, and 6 different sections.

    I added the gas routes, and the alternative go around a to the appropriate sections, and everything on BaseCamp seems to be perfect.

    Confusion is two pronged. 1) when I send the adventures to the device (Oregon 650T) the yellow main routes are there, but the red alternative routes, and green gas routes are not (they are when I open in BC).

    2) called Garmin for support, and I'm just more confused than ever, as they are saying that even though I have 4GB of internal storage available, that since cumulatively it's over 10,000 points, that I can't store it all on the SD or internal drive. Even if I have it broken up into smaller adventures in storage. They say I have to break it up into at least 3 sections, and save the sections on individual SD cards.

    Well my SD card slot is occupied with my Garmin Map card, so I don't know how that will work.

    Surely people aren't toting multiple cards on the trail.

    Can anyone help me make heads or tails of this?
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    You question has nothing to do with the COBDR or even Rockies. Post in to thread to get more help.

    I would forget all the Adventure crap, just download the gpx file and see if the Tracks are on the Track manager.