Colorado Springs to Moab and back

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    Looking to do a trip this July with a friend from Colorado Springs to Moab and back. I purchased a Garmin 665 and could use some advice on dirt routes for 990/1190. We are both A level mx/off-road racers looking for something fun, a mix of technical and fire roads (pavement to reach lodging)
    What are your thoughts on Butler maps and Garmin's Base Camp? I called Garmin customer support and they said, to use Base Camp for custom mapping on dirt roads you need to do so as a hiker or it will try to divert you to the closest paved road.

    Your feedback is appreciated.
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    I've been looking at similar routes. We are in Denver and planning a trip to Canyon Lands. There are lots or great options between you and UT. It all depends how muck time your want to take and how far you want to go. For our Canyon Lands trip I think we are going to hammer I70 all the way to 72 and drop down into Central UT. That way we can focus most our time in UT.

    If you were to stay in Crested Butte you take Cottonwood Pass west of Buenavista to CB then 12 over Kebler pass all the way to 131. Then you would drop down 92 (amazing paved road) to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

    If you were to go south, there is Alpine Loop and Engineer Pass. I've heard those a more technical in parts, but never done them. There is also a one-way pass (can't remember the name) that goes from Silverton to Telluride. Its stunning and you end in Telluride on the main street. I love that town.

    There is one thing to be mind full of and thats the dirt road that goes from Gateway to the UT boarder. Its a straight shot to Moab and I was so excited to find it on the map. Later I found out you have to cross a river. Pics showed lifted Jeeps down to there bumpers ... Hell no :huh I found the pics on TrailDamage listed below.

    I've never had that good of luck with Basecamp and dirt. The city navigator map will have some stuff mapped out. If you have the 24k topo maps they are also route-able. REI has them and then can be 'acquired' because Garmin doesn't tie the install to a GPS's ID.

    The best tool I've found so far is :deal Its an overlay onto Google Maps and with the right poking and prodding it will create a route over dirt. You may have to use a track and not a route in your GPS. If you have questions they have a great support forum here. Is also links to the BLM and FS data bases to pull in knows dirt routes. Its pretty sweet but take your time and learn it.

    The other tool I use is :deal Its a Jeep club website that has amazing database of off-road trail. They range from 1 (graded fire road) to 10 (good luck getting home). They also rate the type of dirt,rocks,sand, mud and most importantly the views. I've found that a 1 and 2 will be easy and 3 is where I start to get uncomfortable. Each out has a maps, directions, gpx files, pictures and reviews. Its a great site. The GPX files can be loaded into BaseCamp, Furkot or directly into your Garming via SD card.

    I also use the Delorme Gazetter but be VERY careful with the latest version sold. They updated the CO one and a lot of data is missing. I talking about entire campgrounds. My copy is old and well loved, but has a lot of info as well. I would suggest the Benchmark Maps Colorado Road & Recreation Atlas. Its about $22 bucks at REI.

    If you are going to camp, try to find a copy of 'Colorado Campgrounds: The 100 Best and All the Rest 4th edition - [Paperback] - 2008'. The forth addition is key. The 3rd addition was printed in 2000 and is a little out dated. The down side is Amazon is setting them for $150+ because they are out of print.

    I've never use the Butler maps. My friend that has a Harley said it was great for finding back roads with a good bar to go to :huh. I folded the map back up and decided to use something that everyone and their brother didn't have.
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    Would the TAT do it?
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    Did you ever find a map for this? I would love to do it.

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    I'd not use Butler unless Cottonwood is the most difficult pass you want. I don't use a GPS but bear with me. I usually go out 285 over Kenosha, then take my first left which takes me ultimately down to Tarryall Resevoir. Head below the dam on what is also called Tarryall Road. it's all dirt then down to Hwy 24. @4 to 9 then County Rd 52 to Salida. It's a fun road with a stream crossing, antelope, aspen glades etc. I always stay at the hostel in Salida. There are some other routes around Antelope Mtn that are fun. From Salida I go over Marshall via Poncha Springs Rd, not Marshall Pass Rd, then down to Sargent and over Black Sage pass and on in to Gunny. Since you really want to get to Moab I'd suggest riding over to Montrose and taking County Rd. 90 over the Uncompaghne to Nucla and Hwy 141. North up 141 to the little town of Gateway, then left up the john Brown Canyon and over the LaSalle's and down Castle Valley into Moab.
    If your hell-bent on getting to Moab then take 70 to 50 to 141 then up John Brown Canyon.
    Another good route is taking Baxter Pass out of Mack, then dropping out of the Bookcliffs back onto I-70.

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    your route sounds like a fun trip. I might have to plot that and plan when I return to CO.
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